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The TLW get well card group

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This group is for get well and greetings to TLW will she is in the hospital. All posts in this group have to be posted directly to the group and can't for be points. Anything and everything can be posted here that you would like TLW to read, even your crap. (LOL) But, remember our Billie has a sense of humor and we need to show her that we still want to make her smile while she is in the hospital. Once a week, we will be printing these out and mailing them to TLW and Broker Bryant and Bryant promises he will read them to her every week until she is strong enough to come home and can read them herself. Billie (TLW) has been a major force within the rain for almost 3 years and this is our way of giving back to her and keeping her spirits up during this very difficult time. Thank in advance to everyone who contributes.


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