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Things to Do/Places to Visit

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Please read the rules carefully before posting to this group! Group rules are as follows... This group is a place to add your Localism posts that talk about Things To Do/Places to Visit in your area (non real estate related). Share your local restaurants, state parks, museums, art galleries, picnics, ball games, parades, etc. NO real estate functions, listings, potential listings, real estate statistics, graphs, charts, etc! This group is for posts that appeal to people who want to visit with their friends and families in their down time, possibly at a place that you've suggested in your post. You CAN add a header and/or footer to your post, with your contact info, logo, phone number, etc., and even enhance your post by tying it in with a little bit of real estate info... possibly a link or two to those posts.Just remember, the body of the post is not to be primarily about real estate. Don't forget to support each other by commenting on other group member posts! And keep an eye on things. You never know when you might be featured ;-) Lisa Hill


Lisa Hill

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