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You worked hard on a another award winning Active Rain blog post. Loaded with helpful information you know something about. Experiences you have had in the real estate trenches weaved in to the blog post with passion, insight. Sprinkled with links to expand on the topic. Images shot for the post, video embeds added for further impact. But some how in the buzz, whirl of the Active Rain blogging conveyor belt machinery, it goes unnoticed around the AR campus. Not picked up on blogging radar on the fluorescent screen, rotating clock sweep eerie green scope. This is the group to park that post as one of your finest literary works. Yet. Since you are your own worst critic. Share that sweat and tears from the heart blog post here. To earn another coveted amber diamond designation. Reblogs, market report copy and pastes will be whited out, removed. Escorted, whisked to the brightly lighted red and white EXIT signs at all four corners of the Amber Diamond blog post group entrance.