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Diary of a Realtor

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SHARE WITH THOSE WHO CARE... This group is for Realtors and their Associates...Stagers, Mortgage Brokers, Inspectors, and all our friends! No one is excluded. Please start your own Diary. Our writings belong to us as individuals. A Weblog is a type of Diary. We all create blogs to target market for our business. But, this is just for us. Diary of a Realtor is a community for your personal thoughts, experiences, feelings and records. Put your feet on the couch and tell your Diary all about it. We will support you and you will be able to look back, read about it and build your chronicles. Remember our thoughts and feelings are an open book here. Please use good judgement. Come here to just be YOU. FOUNDER~Debra A Brooks MODERATOR~Gary Woltal MODERATOR~Liz Moras MODERATOR~Melissa L. Grant


Deb Brooks

Real Estate Broker/Owner