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Getting Visible on Google. How To's

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New patents were filed by Google in 2007 that are going to have a dramatic impact on how sites get ranked in 2008. You can't afford to hire Frederick Marckini from iProspect. Bruce Clay is a bit too expensive. Danny Sullivan won't return your calls, so what's an agent to do? This blog is not about business rhetoric or guessing at what the SEO myths are. If you're looking to get yourself to the top of the real estate food chain, you have to be visible on Google. If you're fed up with paying $3.15 per click for getting traffic to your McWebsite... if you're ready to tell your broker to shove it when he hands you a lead from LeadRouter and demands 30% of your commission... then this blog's for you. If you're willing to do two hours of work on two Saturdays per month, I'll teach you how to optimize your website for Google, and I'll share the step by step secrets I've used to rank my customers on page one for the past six years.


Bartley Wilson

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