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If you are looking for practical, relevant strategies that can be implemented immediately then this group is for you. Grace and Charm Insights are comprised of relevant etiquette best practices to equip successful real estate agents and other professionals with skills and strategies necessary to foster mutually rewarding relationships. I’m not trendy, I provide my clients with foundational principals with practical applications that produce results. I show professionals a much more sophisticated way of creating brand awareness that is specific to getting results. Results such as growing profits, taking control and making more money. Now you can position yourself to never miss an opportunity due to fear, indecision, doubt, or lack of confidence. Learn how you can move from ‘Invisible to Impeccable.’ visit Grace and Charm today. Have an etiquette or image question email Walethia at:, Direct number 1- 810-334-5427 or 1-866-610-3746. Connect with me? I’m only a click away. Like my Facebook fan page: Join Business and Career Etiquette: Connect on LinkedIn: Twitter: @graceandcharm2


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