Homeschooling in the Rain
Bgpic03122009025702 l There a lot of real estate professionals who are also homeschoolers, and as it is for all parents, we work hard to balance work and child-rearing and strive for excellence in both. This is a forum where we can share ideas, ask questions, and tell stories. If you homeschool are are thinking about it, or are just curious; THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU!
Founder: Corey & Erika Kahler
Founded: 03/11/2009
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Corey & Erika Kahler Kirkland, WA Real Estate Agent 03/11/09 Founder
Michelle Bell Rancho Cucamonga, CA Services for Real Estate Pros 09/10/09
Molly Braun Everett, WA Services for Real Estate Pros 06/17/09 We provide professional assistance with home loan modifications across the country. We will process your files and pay you for referrals.
Jason Crouch Austin, TX Real Estate Broker/Owner 11/16/09 I have been working as a full-time Austin area Realtor since January 1997. My years of experience serve me well as the broker and co-owner of Austin Texas Homes, LLC, which began operations in 2004.
Annette Flowers Smyrna, DE Real Estate Agent 04/22/09 I'm a Passionate Professional with Precision in the Real Estate industry. I listen to my clients wants and needs and assist them with their decisions to acquire inheritable wealth for their families.
Dinah Lee Griffey Allyn, WA Managing Real Estate Broker 03/30/09 Hiking-Sailing-Sunsets Framed in Evergreens- Ferry Rides-Children Laughing-Cat Napping-Lazy Lattes & Summer Smiles... This is the northwest life- What’s yours? Expect More @
Lindsey Hasford Elk River, MN Real Estate Agent 09/06/10 One of my favorite moments is when I walk through the door of a home and my clients relax and their posture tells me that we have found their home sweet home.
Chris and Maria Jeantet Redding, CA Real Estate Agent 11/20/10 Local Realtors who know the local community, neighborhoods and the real estate market. We want to treat you the way we would like to be treated!
Respect Realty LLC Milwaukie, OR Real Estate Broker/Owner 03/26/09 Is your family looking to buy or sell in Washington County, Oregon? Then give me a call, I would love to help your family home! (503)-524-9494