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I'm starting a new category on America's Mortgage Broker; Show Me A Good Deal. This category is reserved for real estate agents who want to highlight what, they believe, will be a great investment. Here are the rules: 1- Explain your premise (eg- Boise is San Diego 25 years ago). 2- Address the use of leverage and how it enhances the "deal" (I can help you with that) 3- Give a compelling reason for THIS property (eg- Buy it for $200K below market, spend $50K t0 improve it to market condition) 4- Address the holding time period. 5- Identify the potential sales price and explain why 6- Compute the IRR (I can help you here). Your prize? When the article is posted, you may duplicate it on your home weblog. I'll also feature it in my newsletter to past clients (over 700 in the database). I don't have a ribbon to award you nor do I have a button for your weblog but you will display your prowess to some 250-300 readers daily.


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