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Jupiter Florida Real Estate Declaration of Independence!

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Founded: 10/19/2007

Welcome to Jupiter, Florida, in North Palm Beach County! This Group is set up for all Real Estate Agents and Citizens who want to promote Jupiter Town as: The Community to Live In, The Community to Work In, and The Community to Play In, by supporting Current Jupiter Property Owners, and Future Jupiter Property Owners, including Residential and Commercial Properties. Those who join must be willing to Secede from the USA and create a New Country! With no resistance to the North, all we have to do is defend our border to the South, Yes, we must defend our borders from Palm Beach Gardens and the rest of the USA! Latest Intel indicates that Juno Beach and Tequesta are either Neutral or Leaning Towards Joining the Revolution. Uncle Jove wants YOU! We need to create a Navy! Any Boaters willing to Join will immediatley become Officers! Army training will continue along A1A!


Steven Wood

Real Estate Agent