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    Trivia 21

    This group is devoted to trivia from around the world.   While the primary purpose of this group is trivia feel free to post about anything on your mind.   

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    This group is dedicated to those who wish to use words not readily associated with real estate but can use them to associate it with something in real estate. No vulgarities please and enjoy…

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    Family Ties

    First question: Is this simply a fan club for the 80's sitcom? No. I just wanted to think of something memorable for this group. This is meant to be a fun place to escape the daily drama of the real estate industry. Please feel free to post any family stories or lessons here. We envision this as a great place to share funny stories about kids, marriage, siblings, parenting, or anything family-related. Posts may relate business to family life, or they may be about striking a healthy balance be...

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    Diary of a Realtor

    SHARE WITH THOSE WHO CARE... This group is for Realtors and their Associates...Stagers, Mortgage Brokers, Inspectors, and all our friends! No one is excluded. Please start your own Diary. Our writings belong to us as individuals. A Weblog is a type of Diary. We all create blogs to target market for our business. But, this is just for us. Diary of a Realtor is a community for your personal thoughts, experiences, feelings and records. Put your feet on the couch and tell your Diary all about it....

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    Around The Water Cooler

    Do you want to talk about your latest listing? Share it here. Feel the need to discuss how many Olympic medals we’ve won, who is going to win the Super Bowl or any other casual sports talk? Talk to your friends Around The Water Cooler. Can’t find anyone to talk to about celebrity gossip with you? Want to talk about politics and the upcoming election? Stop by the water cooler. If you think that people are going to want to talk to you about the sweater that you knitted for your dog, I encourage...

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    2015 Market Reports

    What's happening in your real estate market in 2015? Post your 2015 Market Reports and Trends here. Please only post market trends, market reports, market data in this group. This includes real estate and real estate related industries. All market trends and/or statistics are welcome here!Thank you.

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    Pet Friendly Real Estate

    News, views and feedback about the unique and popular relationship between the Pet and Real Estate Worlds. Includes discussions about marketing to the 69.1 million homes in the United States that have at least one pet - with even more around the world - and a place to share stories, photos, and tips with our Community of dog, cat, horse and bird lovers - or animals of any kind!

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    This group is for members to Express with Videos and it follows some of my other (Great Groups) like ..... EXPRESS WITH PHOTOGRAPHS AT ACTIVERAIN ..... EXPRESS WITH WORDS AT ACTIVERAIN & EXPRESS WITH MUSIC AT ACTIVERAIN......

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    Out Of The Box!

    This Group is focused on unusual marketing, sales strategies and techniques. Specifically geared towards people who don't do the status quo. They rise above it. If you think outside of the proverbial box then this Group is right up your Rain Alley. ROAR :)

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    Charlotte North Carolina Area

    Find out what's happening in Charlotte and how it may affect your business.

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    Area Events

    So many of us post local events and happenings for our respective areas. Use this group as your 'home' to post all of your local events and regional 'things to do.' Post your calendar of events, your weekly 'things to do,' your upcoming 'main event' or anything to do with the local happenings in any region.

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  • Friday's Fotos...

    This group is for photographs. Do not be verbose but rather pithy in your photo descriptions. We want to let the photo do the talking rather than you. Do your 50 words so you can get your points... Be sure to tell others and spread the love...

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    Monday Movie Review

    We all enjoy the movies from time to time.  Sometimes we have a choice and see one that maybe was not the best decision.  Maybe not what we were looking for and the ads were misleading.  Put in your Monday Movie Review for a movie.  Don't give away the plot, unexpected twists, ending.  Do let everyone know if it was entertaining, worth the big screen, one character really stands out, something you would see again, pleasently surprised or disappointed and why.  Remember we are not looking to t...

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    Serendipity Sundays

    This is a chance to post something you are thankful for on Serendipity Sundays. When we look around we see so many good things that are blessings and they shouldn't be taken for granted. Join me in calling them out each week so we can all be thankful together.

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    Throwback Thursdays

    Share a picture of your past with the AR fam bam on Thursdays.  It doesn't matter if it's a year or 50 years ago.   Thanks to all who participate and show us a bit more of your world!

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    Activerain MLS Online

    Welcome to the Official Active Rain MLS Online for Real Estate Professionals. About Activerain MLS OnlinePlease post Real Estate Listings ONLY!All other posts will be deleted. You can also use hyper-links to external websites and virtual tours.Here's the Instructions - How To Post Your Listing Please DO NOT POST to the Real Estate Professionals Group. Thank you.Other Groups To ConsiderActiverain Virtual Tours

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    The fabric of America is what gives us our unique heritage. Landmarks, buildings, sports, games, natural features, landscapes, recipes, gatherings, patriotic displays, celebrations, parades, fireworks, rodeos, elections, anniversaries - and so much more that characterize America and give us great memories to hold onto. Share photos - with or without captions, press releases, stories, or anything that is definitively America. Old barns, ice cream socials, highway signage, flags, historical bui...

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    Charlotte NC Real Estate

    Dedicated professionals serving the communities of the Charlotte North Carolina area.

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  • Phoenix Metro Home Sales Market Reports

    Keep abreast of the real estate market in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

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    This group was formed for people to Express themselves through their Photography skills, and to share them with a Network. Having 30 years experience in Photography and thousands and thousands of Photographs, I will be posting quite often. Please present posts with photos, no pics, your post might be deleted. Thank you and have fun! Please join some of my other groups like EXPRESS WITH WORDS AT ACTIVERAIN & LATE NIGHT - EARLY MORNING AT ACTIVERAIN

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