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    Endorsements, Accolades and Praises of AR Members

    Do you want to endorse a fellow ActiveRain Member? What if an ActiveRain Member has done something exceptional or deserves a praise post? You are in the right group to post that special blog. This is the place for all of us in the Community to see and share the joy of knowing about each other. It is also a place to learn more about one another and to find new friends in the Rain. Are you needing to send a referral to someone in the Network? Why not do you looking here? See what others have to...

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    This group is for AtciveRain Members that want to post their listings. Let's try to keep this group for listings (ONLY) THANK YOU!

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    Get Healthy in the Rain

    Get support for your health goals here.

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    Do you ever need a place to come and put your feet up, have a place to chat and sometimes vent a little? Brokers, this is for you. We all need that time to share, grieve and celebrate the challenges we face as Brokers. Please join us ~ we would love to have you!

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    Vets serving Vet's real estate needs

    Looking to create a referral network with other military vets who are active agents? There are more than 20 million veterans in the US and they should have the option of working with a vet. The intent is to share real estate referrals with fellow vets (the clients may be active duty, reservists, family, vets and even non-vets. So anyone, really) and tips and advice for working with vets and VA loans.

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    Active Rain Cat Lovers

    This is a group for crazy cat people like myself. Dogs are all right too, but for the crazy real estate life that I lead, cats seem to just work better!

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    Westchester County

    Known for its affluence and close proximity to New York City, Westchester County is actually one of the most diverse places in the USA, with horse country, charming villages, vibrant cities, shopping, beaches, riverfront, and just about anything else you can think of. Property values and taxes are high, but so is the unparalleled quality of life.

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    Buyer Information - What Buyers Need to Know in Today's Market

    This is a place to share your posts regarding information for HOME BUYERS ONLY. Whether it is a post about a buyer Obtaining Financing, finding a Buyer's Agent, the Home Search, How to Buy a Foreclosure or Short Sale or How to Get Through Inspections -- this is where we can post our Buyers Only articles! Let's share our Buyer Information posts - Re-blogging is encouraged so we can reach the maximum number of buyers in our areas and share what we know!

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    REALTORS who are PET FRIENDLY, whether they own pets or not. A place to share stories and experiences and inform each ther about issues that will be beneficial to pets. Also any ways we can assist our clients with their pets as they relocate.

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    This group is for members that may have trouble sleeping at night and want to post blogs. For anyone that is so caught up in Active Rain that they have to blog at night so the better half doesn't keep saying "why do you spend so much time on that Active Rain?" Or this group could be for members to post late night because they are so busy during the day. Another great Late night/ Early morning group is NIGHT OWLS AT ACTIVERAIN Another great group! - EXPRESS WITH PHOTOGRAPHS AT ACTIVE RAIN Anot...

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    ActiveRain History Station

    Interested in history? Find it at the ActiveRain History Channel -- local history, state history, national history, world history, religious history, biographies, natural history, and more. If it's history, put it here and find it here! Do not post blogs just because you're a member of the ActiveRain History Channel. Posts should be about history. Posts not about history will be deleted.

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    Listings By Address

    NEW Rule...Write ANYTHING in the Title that you want. The ONLY critera is that the article MUST be about a listing. Remember, multiple pictures are key (don't forget to name them), also add links to your webstite...links are good! The search engines will love it so give it everything you've got ... let's sell some houses. Be sure to read the Blog Post "Help for Active Rain Listings" before you write your blog. Copy and paste the following link

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  • Moving to Arizona

    Group dedicated to posts related to relocation to Arizona.

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    Virginia Mortgage Blog

      VIRGINIA  MORTGAGE  BLOG Nationally Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, DEANNA EARLY, shares posts and offers ideas to aid and assist the Realtors of Virginia in their professional endeavors.   She also provides insight and mortgage information to assist buyers in completing their real estate transactions.   She can be contacted at (540) 721-2349 or by email at ""

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    Minnesota Real Estate

    All Minnesota all the time! If you have a listing in Minnesota, or a buyer request, or a story about our great state this is the place to post it, and of course Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! We love all that our state has to offer and want to share that knowledge.

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    Motivational Monday

    Motivational Quotes and/or Photos to get your work week off to an positive and inspirational start! Please feel free to join and post anything Motivational or Inspirational anytime! But, be sure to visit the group's entries, to get that POSITIVE push you need to go forward!!!

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    Ask An Ambassador

    AR Ambassadors are volunteers that have agreed to aid AR members in finding answers to questions to make their Active Rain experience worthwhile and enjoyable. We are here to help you make the most of your ActiveRain membership answering your AR related questions, assist you in finding the help you need to navigate the amazing array of resources available to you on Active Rain to ensure a productive AR blogging experience. We want to make this as easy as possible. Just write up what you need ...

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    Observances and Celebrations

    This group is dedicated to our happy celebrations of anniversaries, milestones, and holidays as well as the solemn observance of more serious holidays. memorials, and historical dates. We'll even accept obscure or fictional dates. Submit photos, stories, remembrances, memories, or tributes about family, loved ones, veterans, heroes, customers, other professionals, or yourself. Celebrate the joyous holidays, the fun ones, the serious ones, the patriotic ones, and the memorial ones. Note milest...

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    Market Reports

    This group is for market reports only. Any posts in the group that aren’t market reports, or tips about the creation and use of market reports, will be deleted. Thank you.

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    Realestateandfunding is a real estate website that offers real estate for sale in 20 countries, hundreds of funding options, and real estate employment opportunities. This group is the Active Rain version of Use this group to advertise real estate for sale, request or offer real estate funding, or offer a job in the fields of real estate or mortgage. To join for free, just use this link:

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