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    Inman News worthy Blog Posts

    Inman News worthy Blog Posts: The purpose of this Group is to produce Posts that the individual writer of the post believes should be featured on Inman News. Active Rain has partnered with Inman News where members post will be randomly picked by Inman. So why not make it easy for Inman I created this Group so Inman need only to subscribe to this Group and will have an easier time to pick Posts they would like to feature.

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    Family Ties

    First question: Is this simply a fan club for the 80's sitcom? No. I just wanted to think of something memorable for this group. This is meant to be a fun place to escape the daily drama of the real estate industry. Please feel free to post any family stories or lessons here. We envision this as a great place to share funny stories about kids, marriage, siblings, parenting, or anything family-related. Posts may relate business to family life, or they may be about striking a healthy balance be...

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    Activerain and Member (Plugs)

    This group is all about members plugging the (Activerain) Network and plugging Activerain (Members). My main reason for the group is because we are all one big family at Activerain and plugging the Network and Members is a very Honorable and great way to build businesses, friendships, trust and love between people and the Activerain Community. This group is all about them, and giving and praise will bring back great fortune! I am very excited about this new group! Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob)

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    San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate

    For Real Estate Professionals and anyone involved in the Real Estate industry who would like to gain knowledge, share their knowledge and opinions, exchange ideas, and network with each other in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Feel free to leave group posts and please inform me if there is anything else you would like me to add to this description to make it better and more attractive for other agents to visit. Welcome to San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate!!!

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    Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

    A group for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Network

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    1st Time Buyers

    A Resource Clearinghouse to Better Equip 1st Time Home Buyers and Enable them to Successfully Achieve Their Home Buying Goals

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    All Thing's Texas

    A place to discuss issues, listings, trends, football ( all things Texas).

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    West Virginia Real Estate

    This is a group for discussing issues surrounding WV Realtors and anything surrounding real estate in the Mountain state.

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    "Branding" in the Rain

    Welcome to "Branding in the Rain". The purpose of this group is to brand yourself within the Active Rain Community as well as Localism. Here you can expect to find tutorials, tips and tricks on how to market yourself within the Active Rain Platform. Active Rain - The only website you will ever need. With the extensive marketing and advertising Active Rain does for each and everyone of us this group will teach you how to utilize your Active Rain profile as a branding source for yourself and "c...

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    San Diego Realtors®

    Regional News, Events, & Listings in San Diego county.

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    ActiveRain Anonymous

    There are those of us that recognize we have a problem and the problem we have is we love to blog. The severity of the problem could be called "An Addiction". If you feel like you fit into this group and need support from your fellow addicts, then this is the group for you. You will not be chastised for your addiction but only will get encouragement and support. This group will allow you to put your feelings down without embarrasment. Your fellow addicts will offer up their friendships and yo...

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    AR Wine Connoisseurs

    It has been said that a day without wine is a day without sunshine ! If this is how you feel, then please come share your passion for the grape with us ! Together we can discover new wines and share knowledge concerning various whites and reds . Additionally we are on a never ending quest to find great tasting, but affordable bottles of wine(< $25). Finally please feel free to post any upcoming wine events in your marketplace ! See the wine, smell the wine, sip the wine ! Enjoy !

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    Tuesday's Treasures

    Post on Tuesdays - or any other day of the week - photos and short remembrances, celebrations, and tributes. This is for things that make us feel good - landscapes, a book, a concert or movie, sunsets, people, awards, treats, special occasions - in a word, "treasures." Share photos (with or without captions) or stories. Posts should express "I feel good today."

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    ActiveRain Ambassadors

    A private group for the amazing Ambassadors of ActiveRain.

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    Blogging & SEO

    Want to learn the basics of blogging from how to start one and how to write traffic driving posts to how to market a blog and track your blog's success? Need tips on how to optimize your website with proper SEO for lead search positioning? This is the place for you. Come on in!

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    I have a question

    I've seen lots of post where members ask questions and sometimes they get great responses. I've also run across some questions that no one answered because it few by the blog roll and the person asking might be newer and not have a big following. So I thought I'd creat a place where all us can go to ask a question. Not limited to just real estate of course, but please business related questions.

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    New Blogs Featured every week! REALTOR LIFE: As Realtors we have many adventures. Positive, exciting, or down right shocking. When we turn our story into a blog it may help ourselves and those who read them. As Realtors we are linked together by profession and the ActiveRain community. Share your Realtor life with us! ~ DISCLAIMER: These are your ideas, thoughts and insights. Who knows your Realtor Life better than you! ~ Realtors, Stagers, Investors, Inspectors, Mortgage Brokers, Loan office...

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    Just Sold! and Success Stories

    This is where members post their JUST SOLDs! Think HOME FOR SALE and Just Listed, only now you sold it, so please tell the world what a wonderful job you did! Or think "Just Listed, Just Sold" cards... in blog format. Also, testimonials or posts about your past successes are welcome here. People remember stories much more easily than sales pitches!

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    Pet Friendly Real Estate

    News, views and feedback about the unique and popular relationship between the Pet and Real Estate Worlds. Includes discussions about marketing to the 69.1 million homes in the United States that have at least one pet - with even more around the world - and a place to share stories, photos, and tips with our Community of dog, cat, horse and bird lovers - or animals of any kind!

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    Gilbert Arizona Real Estate

    Welcome to the new and improved Gilbert Arizona Real Estate Group. This group is open for anything and everything related to Gilbert and Real Estate. Feel free to post local events, things to do, market reports, open houses, the best restaurants, and most of all your real estate successes. Anything educational is also welcome, as I want this to be a place where all Gilbert Realtors can help each other learn, grow, and show off their talents in a transparent and sharing environment.

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