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    Coaching and Mentoring

    This Group has been formed to assist those who may have began their Real Estate careers,and our wondering what to do in order to launch their careers. There are probably a million and one questions that may arise each and everyday. Please feel free to post your questions,and we`ll make sure to answer them clearly and precisely for you to understand. Feel free to email us directly if you need to. It`s our pleasure helping our fellow Professionals.

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    This group was formed for HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY blogs (Only) If you posts blogs that are not HAPPY, I might have to delete them from the group. Thank you and Happy to you all! Robert Swetz, Founder (Vegas Bob)

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    Active Rain Foodaholics

    Food lovers unite! This group is for those who live to eat. Create profiles of your favorite local restaurants, share your unique family recipes, recall tales of diners and eateries you've visited around the world, and talk about unusual cuisine or your latest food find. Napkins to wipe the drool off your face are NOT provided. Read at your own risk!

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    Gone Fishing!

    For everyone who loves to fish every chance they get! Fishing stories, fishing jokes, all things FISH!

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    Everything OKLAHOMA

    Everything Oklahoma... If it has to do with Oklahoma, we would love to have it posted here. Listings, stories, events, localism post.. as long as it is about Oklahoma, please post it. I encourage members to check to see the posts on the group page and comment on each others' posts... Here's to all Okies doing well on Active Rain!

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    Quotes of yesterday, today and tomorrow

    Group to post your favorite quotes from any and everyone. Post your inspirational, motivational, humorous and sappy quotes. Or, make up your own quote and post.

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    Texas Real Estate

    For the Real Estate Community of The Great State of Texas We are very excited to have the opportunity to help this great group become the best group on Active Rain! As you can see we have already started awarding gold stars, and having a bi-weekly, Top Ten Texas Roundup for the best of the best blogs. We have some fun contest planed so watch for group e-mails. Our Guidelines are basically anything about our great state of Texas. Think unusual facts, places, stories, events, commentary, announ...

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    "Pay It Forward" Accountability Group

    This is your platform to share with everyone how you "Paid It Forward" this week. Your accountability group to report to everyone your act of kindness to share with your peers. PLEASE READ THE REQUIREMENTS: 1. You must post one blog post per week to the group. ONLY ONE per week. Each of the blog posts are due no later than that Sunday at 9PM Pacific Time. Do not concern yourself with which day of the month is the end of the month. Just meet your accountablity by posting your one blog by each ...

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    Luxury Home Agents

    Luxury Home Agents is a group for agents who list and sell luxury homes, (over 1 million Dollars). Anyone who also aspires to be in this market may join

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    Vacation and Second homes

    The fastest growing segment of the real estate market is vacation and second homes. We live in the vacation home markets and we own vacation homes for our own use, and/or second homes as investments. We do 1031 exchanges and handle many of our transactions long distance. We have lots of ideas on rentals, management and marketing. Join us!

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    Luxury Home Marketing

    Place where we can discuss the marketing of luxury homes and upper-tier properties. Discuss ideas and strategies that work. If you work with high-end clients selling luxury homes or want to join in that exclusive niche then by all means join the group and lets get some discussions going.

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    More and more of us are using video blogging ~ This GROUP is dedicated to YOU! Post your how-to videos, introduce a new community, create a tip for others, or just post your coolest or funniest video! The Rules/Guidelines: ALL POSTS MUST INCLUDE A VIDEO DONE BY YOU (NO SLIDESHOWS PLEASE) they can be of any nature as long as you created A VIDEO.  The post itself (to adhere to AR rules) must be at least 50 words long (not including your signature) We are the VBloggers! ~ and videos rock our wor...

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    Private Money Network

    Because the tight credit markets have made the availability of loans difficult, it becomes important for real estate investors to access private money sources to finance their investments. The purpose of the Private Money Network is to provide a place where private money and hard money lenders can network with real estate investors. Please join if you are a lender and/or real estate investor looking to network with lenders. No private money for start-ups or seed capital. Loans for residential...

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    A WALK in the LIGHT~

    Friends, Let's take "A WALK in the LIGHT" together. This group is created for PRIVATE INFORMATION between us. Only Members Can Enter and Only Posts written as Member's Only Posts are allowed. Your posts will not show up on your Open Blog but YOU WILL STILL RECEIVE YOUR 200 POINTS PER POST. Only the Members of our group will be commenting and will even KNOW that you posted! No listings. No rants. Nothing but opening conversation between our Members is allowed. OUR TOPICS INCLUDE: God, Spiritu...

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    CLOUDS AT ACTIVERAIN (clouds attached)

    This group is for photos of Clouds, Rainbows and any photos of the sky! I am always looking at the sky because I believe there is something out there that is very unexplainable! Clouds are very interesting because they can take on many different shapes and forms! Robert Swetz, Founder (Vegas Bob)

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    AR Comedy Club

    A group that will be sure to bring a smile to your face. Within this group, you will find jokes, anecdotes, and humorous stories that are both real estate and non-real estate related. Please read the AR Comedy Club Membership Guidelines for exact details.

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    A place to share about birds.

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    Condo Benefits

    About the rights benefits and duties of owning a condo, with links to condo experts from around the nation. Each member of this group is featured as a condo expert. All members are also invited to join/post at CondoBenefits contains a regional directory of condo experts around the country. Contact me for inclusion in that directory. Members of this group are encouraged and requested to leave a comment for a group member when they post to the group. The moderator prefers to ...

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    Arizona Premiere Living

    The Arizona Premiere Living Group was designed with more than just Arizona real estate in mind; it was designed to help people get the most out living in Arizona.

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