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    Sunny Isles Beach

    Sunny Isles Beach Condos, Houses, Apartments Sale, Rent

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    Condo Benefits

    About the rights benefits and duties of owning a condo, with links to condo experts from around the nation. Each member of this group is featured as a condo expert. All members are also invited to join/post at CondoBenefits contains a regional directory of condo experts around the country. Contact me for inclusion in that directory. Members of this group are encouraged and requested to leave a comment for a group member when they post to the group. The moderator prefers to ...

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    Brentwood, MO 63144

    This is a great place to find out what is going on in the Brentwood area along with connecting communities in St. Louis.

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    This is a christian based group and as such I request you only post spiritual posts that will lift others up

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    Advice for Buyers

    Let's share all of our wonderful consumer posts geared towards buyers and the advice you would give them! Please make sure the posts are for buyers and not sellers. Your posts can be for all buyers in general, or just for specific area! What advice would you give your buyers? This is a group to share ideas for both agents and consumers!

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    iPAD Realtor Apps

    Here is a place to post your favorite iPAD apps, your reviews of these apps, your latest iPAD app discoveries, your reblogs of some iPAD apps, and anything and everything to do with iPAD apps. It's okay to slip in anything iPAD related, too. You are cordially invited to my PAD as in iPAD Realtor Apps Group! You'll be glad you've got an iPAD!

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    Chattanooga Real Estate

    A group dedicated to real estate in the Chattanooga, TN metro area including Cleveland & NW Georgia

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    Everything Aurora, Colorado

    This is a forum to discuss anything to do with the City of Aurora, Colorado.    Real estate - including listings, open houses, price reductions, neighborhoods and market reports and also events happening in Aurora to assist the residents of Aurora Colorado.  

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    Great Shots!

    A gathering place where kindred spirits can share a moment in time from behind the lense. It's a great place to be!

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    ActiveRain Rockstars

    Welcome to the Active Rain Rock Stars Group. We’re looking for a few good blogs. Do you have what it takes? This is a place to post your best material. The post you think is your best work... thus far. We're looking for feature quality material here folks. The goal of the group is to bring some of the lesser known bloggers here on Active Rain to light. Each week we will be select three of the best posts that have flown under the radar and expose them to the entire AR community. This is your c...

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    Law of Attraction

    The Law of Attraction is about creating what we want to appear in our lives by holding that positive vision in our mind. This group is to support the use and training of Law of Attraction for Real Estate Professionals. It's purpose is to help those in the Active Rain community to attract more clients, more income and greater success by using Law of Attraction concepts. Only posts relevant to LOA training, questions, or resources should be posted here. This is a support group for those intere...

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    Midwest Rainers

    This is a group for the Midwesterners on Active Rain. We want to share events, stories, economic comments, and hopefully referrals. We do not want any listings posted to this group although links to your listings will be accepted. The Midwest experiences real estate differently than the National experience. This is a way to discuss relevant information in a community of similarities.

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    All things about Will County, IL. News, Helpful tips, Real Estate, Mortgages and more .. all aimed at helping those that live, work, visit or hope to do those things in Will County, IL.

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    The Power of Flowers!

    This group is for people who truly love the soothing, calming effects that flowers create. You may post pictures of your own garden or pictures you have taken on trips, vacations, local gardens, etc. They can be pictures that make you stop your car to get a better look! The flowers can be from anywhere in the world!

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    Sensei Grasshopper

    Think of this as for AR mentors and mentees. Sharing our skills and helping one another is fundamental to our AR community values, and sometimes one-on-one is the most effective way to make that happen. Members looking to get or give help in blogging, SEO, localism, AR tricks and tips, how-to's and other such techniques are encouraged to post requests or offers in this group. We also welcome posts on the general subject of mentoring, reports on mentoring projects, and other subjects...

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    This group is about CALIFORNIA (Only) I formed this group because I have been visiting and traveling through California since I was 14 years old. I own property in California and it is my favorite State. You can post any blogs you want about California, photographs, etc. I have been California dreaming all my life. Let me read about other people that have this similar dream! (Founder: Robert Swetz - Vegas Bob) Robert Swetz, Founder

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