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  • Cosmic Cow Pie...The Rome Way

    This group is for individuals who want to navigate the universe of flying obstacles known as the "Cosmic Cow Pie" together to help find balance. We will share ideas of what is currently working to get through today's Real Estate Market and try not to step in the "stuff" aka Cow Pies! Margaret Rome brings a new exciting addition to the group as she shares "Real Estate The Rome Way." Her ideas and presentations set the bar for exceeding consumer expectations. Engaging with agents from all over ...

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  • Buyer Information - What Buyers Need to Know in Today's Market

    This is a place to share your posts regarding information for HOME BUYERS ONLY. Whether it is a post about a buyer Obtaining Financing, finding a Buyer's Agent, the Home Search, How to Buy a Foreclosure or Short Sale or How to Get Through Inspections -- this is where we can post our Buyers Only articles! Let's share our Buyer Information posts - Re-blogging is encouraged so we can reach the maximum number of buyers in our areas and share what we know!

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  • Power of Activerain

    With all the comments and posts about "The power of Active Rain" I thought there should be a group to put those posts in. Together we can share our stories about the Power. Stories about how AR has helped you or someone else, both in personal and/or business are welcome here. In the spirit of keeping to topic, all others will be removed.

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    This group is more personalized then the other groups at Activerain. Just a bunch of friends that want to post blogs and comment to each others blogs instead of your blogs being lost and unread among the larger groups at Activerain. I am going to invite (FRIENDS) that I have known a long time at Activerain and if you feel you know some of the members here, please feel free to join! (Vegas Bob)

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  • Charlotte NC Real Estate

    Dedicated professionals serving the communities of the Charlotte North Carolina area.

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  • Post Your Properties Here

    Post Your Properties Here! is the new sister group of the same name on This group is a great place for real estate professionals and Investors to advertise your real estate for free. Post your listings here, investments here, and any other real estate for sale. If you are looking for a particular type of property, post your request here for the Realtors and Investors in the group.

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  • The Art Of Marketing You

      Group Guidelines...  Posts and discussions about marketing, branding, etc. are welcomed.  Off topic stuff, property listings, local town events, recipes, etc. will be deleted and... Since 99% of the spam here is generated by vendors, we no longer allow vendors to post in this group.  

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  • Travelers In The Rain

    After doing the Virtual Traveller contest, I discovered that many of us love to travel whether through blogposts or for REAL. This group has been created to share your travels with us so that we can enjoy them too or put them on our Bucket List. Don't forget photos--that makes it more interesting!

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  • Dedicated Bloggers

    DEDICATED BLOGGER – A blogger who strives to provide information that will be helpful, interesting or entertaining to fellow bloggers and consumers.*** ENCOURAGED POSTS…***Real estate related stories, opinions and facts that help consumers and fellow agents***Posts that allow others to get to know more about you as a person (business / personal)***Posts that inspire people***Posts about your Active Rain experience***“How-to” posts (for Active Rain or business in general)***Blogging tips and t...

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  • All Real Estate - Today and Tomorrow

    This group is about the Real Estate market, how it is today and the changes of tomorrow. Real Estate Laws, Rules, etc. are forever changing and as Agents we need to continue learning and educating ourselves. Please try to keep the posts in this group about (Real Estate) and if you are looking to post blogs about subjects outside of Real Estate, please feel free to post them at one or more of my 30 different groups at the Activerain Network! "Thank You" Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob)

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  • ActiveRain MasterMinds

    ActiveRain Monthly Masterminds Shaping the future, creating the solutions through diplomacy and think-tank technology Here's how it works: ActiveRain members will have the ability to assemble their own MasterMind groups, but here are the requirements: 1. The groups shall me comprised of 6 ActiveRain members 2. At least 3 of the members MUST have RainMaker status. 3. At least one of the 6 members MUST be a new member to ActiveRain that any member of your group has recruited after the 7th of th...

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  • The Ninety-ninth Percentile

    This group is a "home" for the top one percent of all ActiveRain members. We bear the statement "I am a member of the Ninety-ninth Percentile on ActiveRain" proudly. The minimum qualifying level is a moving target. The minimum point level is the number of points that the member(s) of ActiveRain has who is on the line between the 99% who are below him/her/them and the 1% that is above. As of January 1, 2014 the minimum qualifying point level is 130,300. We expect you to qualify for membership ...

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  • Wordless Wednesday

    The concept for Wordless Wednesday is not mine. The idea of letting a photograph speak in its own way, to as many people as possible, on as many levels as possible without any commentary has existed in the web for quite awhile. You can post any photo that speaks to you and does not violate Active Rain's general guidelines. The only other requirements are that your original image must be used in the post and that your post NOT have any description of your original image. Any posts containing p...

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  • Hyper-Local

    All posts related to the hyper-local groups and marketing category of Active Rain.

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  • Active Rain Newbies

    Do whatever you want in this group..Introduce yourself, ask questions. Go to ACTIVERAINMANUAL.COM for all your questions! Remember to come back here after you "graduate" and help others. Active Rain is all about helping others! Good Luck

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  • Everything California

    All areas covered in California whether it's Real Estate, Mortgage, Staging, Virtual Assistants, Referrals, Marketing, Contract Information etc. Since CA is unique in our laws and procedures, this is a great forum for discussion and help provided by CA Realtors, Lenders, Stagers etc located in CA. Links are great in your blog, brings credence to your voice and great for search ability.

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  • Wordsmith

    This group is dedicated to those who wish to use words not readily associated with real estate but can use them to associate it with something in real estate. No vulgarities please and enjoy…

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  • Trivia 21

    This group is devoted to trivia from around the world.   While the primary purpose of this group is trivia feel free to post about anything on your mind.   

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  • 2015 Market Reports

    What's happening in your real estate market in 2015? Post your 2015 Market Reports and Trends here. Please only post market trends, market reports, market data in this group. This includes real estate and real estate related industries. All market trends and/or statistics are welcome here!Thank you.

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    This group is for members to Express with Videos and it follows some of my other (Great Groups) like ..... EXPRESS WITH PHOTOGRAPHS AT ACTIVERAIN ..... EXPRESS WITH WORDS AT ACTIVERAIN & EXPRESS WITH MUSIC AT ACTIVERAIN......

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