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  • Crap-Tacular

    If you had a crap-tac-u-lar day or someone crapped on your parade and you want to talk/blog about it, then this group is for you. This is a place where you can Crap-A-Tude. If you found an MLS photo with the toilet seat up this is the place to talk about it. If you found yourself picking up dog poop from your client's lawn, you can let it go and talk about it here.    

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  • VA Loan Group

    A group dedicated to providing up to date information and answers to questions regarding the loan program of choice for our men and women in uniform. Please limit posts to information directly related to VA loans and VA financing.

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  • Wake Up Brokers

    This group was created specifically for Brokers-- Loan Officers, Processors, Realtors and Appraisers. If you are a Broker and want to share your experiences, frustrations, offer advice, find ways to be more efficient and work together, knowing what products you are selling, good customer service, information on Government loans, etc, look no further! Wake Up Brokers is a place to talk about all of these topics and more. I look forward to seeing you here.

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  • Zillow Mortgage Marketplace

    Zillow® Mortgage Marketplace provides mortgage lenders with free, unlimited leads from borrowers who are shopping for loans. Lenders no longer chase weak leads since borrowers contact only lenders whose quotes they like. Share your best practices here!

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  • Friday's Fotos...

    This group is for photographs. Do not be verbose but rather pithy in your photo descriptions. We want to let the photo do the talking rather than you. Do your 50 words so you can get your points... Be sure to tell others and spread the love...

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    This group was formed for people to Express themselves through their Photography skills, and to share them with a Network. Having 30 years experience in Photography and thousands and thousands of Photographs, I will be posting quite often. Please present posts with photos, no pics, your post might be deleted. Thank you and have fun! Please join some of my other groups like EXPRESS WITH WORDS AT ACTIVERAIN & LATE NIGHT - EARLY MORNING AT ACTIVERAIN

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  • Serendipity Sundays

    This is a chance to post something you are thankful for on Serendipity Sundays. When we look around we see so many good things that are blessings and they shouldn't be taken for granted. Join me in calling them out each week so we can all be thankful together.

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  • All About Mortgages/Mortgage Networking

    A networking group to where anyone can share their lending ideas, scenarios that need help, suggestions on a scenario, any type of marketing ideas, and basically to bounce ideas off each other. New Paragraph: Market updates, Forecast and all things pertaining to Mortgage Financing. New Paragraph: Another thing, possibly to give referrals to those that can't do a certain state or a particular loan program. New Paragraph. -- no advertising --

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  • Throwback Thursdays

    Share a picture of your past with the AR fam bam on Thursdays.  It doesn't matter if it's a year or 50 years ago.   Thanks to all who participate and show us a bit more of your world!

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  • Advice for Buyers

    Let's share all of our wonderful consumer posts geared towards buyers and the advice you would give them! Please make sure the posts are for buyers and not sellers. Your posts can be for all buyers in general, or just for specific area! What advice would you give your buyers? This is a group to share ideas for both agents and consumers!

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  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE for the Weary Soul

    Lift up your weary souls by looking at your cup half full instead of half empty! This is surely a place for members to come when souls get weary and you need some positive energy to lift you back up! Be comfortable, to socialize with your peers, talk about your life, your transactions and your positive experiences and GET some Positive Feedback too! If you have something positive to share WELCOME!

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  • Americana

    The fabric of America is what gives us our unique heritage. Landmarks, buildings, sports, games, natural features, landscapes, recipes, gatherings, patriotic displays, celebrations, parades, fireworks, rodeos, elections, anniversaries - and so much more that characterize America and give us great memories to hold onto. Share photos - with or without captions, press releases, stories, or anything that is definitively America. Old barns, ice cream socials, highway signage, flags, historical bui...

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  • Toot Your Horn on Active Rain

    Here is your chance for shameless self promotion Active Rain members. If you are a professional to the real estate industry, we want to know about you. Finally here is a place to tell AR all about yourself. Hints: Expand your profile here! Tell us why we should be doing business with you. Think of it as an "elevator speech". This is not the place to be humble or shy. "TOOT YOUR HORN ACTIVE RAIN!" Milestones, commercials, promotions, benefits of doing business, value, services, etc....All welc...

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  • Inspiration !!

    The hardest thing for me when I first began my real estate career over 11 years ago was staying inspired and positive during setbacks. When something I had diligently worked on fell apart or didn't progress as planned , I would get very downtrodden for a number of days.... of course, this was of great detriment to my business ! I had to learn, and I think this may be one of the hardest things for new agents to deal with, to pick myself up, dust myself off, and jump right back in to the game ...

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  • Endorsements, Accolades and Praises of AR Members

    Do you want to endorse a fellow ActiveRain Member? What if an ActiveRain Member has done something exceptional or deserves a praise post? You are in the right group to post that special blog. This is the place for all of us in the Community to see and share the joy of knowing about each other. It is also a place to learn more about one another and to find new friends in the Rain. Are you needing to send a referral to someone in the Network? Why not do you looking here? See what others have to...

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  • Get Healthy in the Rain

    Get support for your health goals here.

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    Do you ever need a place to come and put your feet up, have a place to chat and sometimes vent a little? Brokers, this is for you. We all need that time to share, grieve and celebrate the challenges we face as Brokers. Please join us ~ we would love to have you!

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  • Land Specialists

    "UNDER ALL IS THE LAND" Join this group of HARDY Real estate professionals who "LOVE the Land!" We like to talk about Site Planning and Land Development, Lot Design, Preparation and Development, Environmental Impact, Ecology, Hydrology, Landscaping Construction, Building materials and methods. We like to read parcel maps, topographical maps and a compass. We keep in mind geology, and environmental concerns, and most of us actually are willing and fit enough to walk acreages through dense fore...

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  • Vets serving Vet's real estate needs

    Looking to create a referral network with other military vets who are active agents? There are more than 20 million veterans in the US and they should have the option of working with a vet. The intent is to share real estate referrals with fellow vets (the clients may be active duty, reservists, family, vets and even non-vets. So anyone, really) and tips and advice for working with vets and VA loans.

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  • Around The Water Cooler

    Do you want to talk about your latest listing? Share it here. Feel the need to discuss how many Olympic medals we’ve won, who is going to win the Super Bowl or any other casual sports talk? Talk to your friends Around The Water Cooler. Can’t find anyone to talk to about celebrity gossip with you? Want to talk about politics and the upcoming election? Stop by the water cooler. If you think that people are going to want to talk to you about the sweater that you knitted for your dog, I encourage...

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