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    REO Agents Tips and Referrals

    The group is for the purpose of connecting REO agents around the country for the coming REO rush. Referrals of listings and asset manager contacts for out of area services

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    NWA Realtors Forum

    This forum is design to assist realtors in Northwest Arkansas to share ideas and challenges. Together we can make this industry stronger...through ethics, knowledge, and commitment to excellence.

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    Blast from the past !

    Motto : One Day At A Time... Our motto is to live One Day at a Time. In both our personal and professional lives we face "challenges", we face triumps. Here you have a place...for your voices to be heard in the rain. From inspirational and educatinal we have all learned from our experiences. Whatever your story may be it can help someone along the way ! We have Blast's from the Past... From funny Real Estate Transaction stories to What would you do in this situation, to I ca...

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    Rent Condo Miami

    Rent Condo at Miami

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    Comic Books,Gaming, Movies and Electronics.

    Video games, movies and general home entertainment talk.

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  • Turner Brokers

    Our office group

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    This Group is all about calling attention to worthy causes. This is not a Group in which to post listings, commercial information or solicit business. It is for a cause and will be strictly moderated. If you are a supporter of a local charity, relief effort or Non-Profit Organization and/or are familiar with a fellow Rainer or Loved One in Need, please feel free to post to the Group. Blogs regarding tried and true homeowner assistance programs are welcome as well. All other commercial posting...

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    Saturday in the Park

    Post your area park posts and photos here!

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  • RE/MAX Greater Atlanta Sandy Springs

    Blog for agents of RE/MAX Greater Atlanta Sandy Springs to network and share experiences and ideas.

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  • NE OHIO Real Estate Professionals

    Designed for NE OH Real Estate Professionals

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    This a blog spot for commmercial real estate agents and brokers who live and work in Gallatin County, MT to share information about their local profession.

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    Urban Core - Returning to our Downtowns

    Communities all across the US are trading suburban sprawl for a return to--and revitalization of--their urban centers. As people become tired of suburban living and a car-dominated existence, more and more are choosing to live, work, and play in walkable urbane communities. Density, smart growth, sustainability. Lofts, highrise living, mixed-use development. This is downtown living. This group is an opportunity to share what's happening in your community and to discuss some of the challenges ...

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    iPAD Ghetty Group

    What's a Ghetty? Think Ghettsyburg Address. Think Brevity and Brilliance. Think PRESS Release. Think GET your attention brief 50 word Active Rain POSTS written on the iPAD Run. Think Gotcha because your viewers will want to come back for more. Here's the iPAD Ghetty Store. Post your Ghetty here. Sure there are no photos or line breaks or spellcheck, but what is dear are the ideas here. What's your Ghetty to GET our attention? Gotcha!

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  • Questions

    The idea here is for all of us to be able to ask questions of one another, rather than just state facts. Just like with clients, it's often more important to listen to a response than to lecture. So, ask provocative questions and lets see if we can all help each other.

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    Mortgage Referrals Only

    Need to refer a client to a Mortgage Originator in another state? Or are you a Realtor looking for a great lender? Mortgage Referrals Only - is a network of Mortgage Originators who are like-minded and interested in referrals from other professional Mortgage Originators and Realtors. Please post a bio, your contact info, coverage area, your designations, affliations and any comments you would like to share about your services. This group is not for tips, chit chat, etc. but as the name says, ...

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    Networking Nerds

    The only work we need to do is NETWORK.....For those who want new contacts and ideas during this market.... What I am trying to get done is take my lead generating site and make it a tool for building leads not just for me but you as well.....

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    helping people keep their digity! 48% of foreclosures are due to disabilities! Not to mention divorce, lose of job, lose of love one!

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