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    Almost Anything Goes

    Please be aware that we have updated the criteria in this group due to fact there are too many users clogging up the group with solicitations,listings,market reports,localism posts,and jokes...slanderous,insults..etc. When I started the group I didn't realize the overloading of posts so I appologize for the sudden changes. We need to clean up this group a little bit. This group is for any type of discussion. Please find the definition of the word discussion. Everyone is treated the same. The ...

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  • Phoenix Metro Home Sales Market Reports

    Keep abreast of the real estate market in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

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    This group is or people who make a big deal about their pets, such as pampering them like a child, feeding them gourmet food, dressing them up on special occasions,boarding them in ridiculously expensive pet hotels, or any other wacky thing you might do for your pets. That is pictures and then a post about something non bugs..bugs are not pet related.

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    Buyer Information - What Buyers Need to Know in Today's Market

    This is a place to share your posts regarding information for HOME BUYERS ONLY. Whether it is a post about a buyer Obtaining Financing, finding a Buyer's Agent, the Home Search, How to Buy a Foreclosure or Short Sale or How to Get Through Inspections -- this is where we can post our Buyers Only articles! Let's share our Buyer Information posts - Re-blogging is encouraged so we can reach the maximum number of buyers in our areas and share what we know!

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    Charlotte NC Real Estate

    Dedicated professionals serving the communities of the Charlotte North Carolina area.

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    Endorsements, Accolades and Praises of AR Members

    Do you want to endorse a fellow ActiveRain Member? What if an ActiveRain Member has done something exceptional or deserves a praise post? You are in the right group to post that special blog. This is the place for all of us in the Community to see and share the joy of knowing about each other. It is also a place to learn more about one another and to find new friends in the Rain. Are you needing to send a referral to someone in the Network? Why not do you looking here? See what others have to...

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    Get Healthy in the Rain

    Get support for your health goals here.

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    Do you ever need a place to come and put your feet up, have a place to chat and sometimes vent a little? Brokers, this is for you. We all need that time to share, grieve and celebrate the challenges we face as Brokers. Please join us ~ we would love to have you!

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    Active Rain Newbies

    Do whatever you want in this group..Introduce yourself, ask questions. Go to ACTIVERAINMANUAL.COM for all your questions! Remember to come back here after you "graduate" and help others. Active Rain is all about helping others! Good Luck

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    Vets serving Vet's real estate needs

    Looking to create a referral network with other military vets who are active agents? There are more than 20 million veterans in the US and they should have the option of working with a vet. The intent is to share real estate referrals with fellow vets (the clients may be active duty, reservists, family, vets and even non-vets. So anyone, really) and tips and advice for working with vets and VA loans.

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    This group was formed for people that are interested in Expressing themselves through words.Write about anything and everything that comes to mind, Real Estate, Traveling, Friendship, Lost ones, Growing up, Life experiences and more. I am the founder so as long as you keep it clean, I will not remove your blog/ post like in the other groups. Some of my other great groups are EXPRESS WITH PHOTOGRAPHS AT ACTIVERAIN and EXPRESS WITH VIDEOS AT ACTIVERAIN and many more ... (Vegas Bob)

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    Sunny Isles Beach

    Sunny Isles Beach Condos, Houses, Apartments Sale, Rent

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    Westchester County

    Known for its affluence and close proximity to New York City, Westchester County is actually one of the most diverse places in the USA, with horse country, charming villages, vibrant cities, shopping, beaches, riverfront, and just about anything else you can think of. Property values and taxes are high, but so is the unparalleled quality of life.

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    Pet Friendly Real Estate

    News, views and feedback about the unique and popular relationship between the Pet and Real Estate Worlds. Includes discussions about marketing to the 69.1 million homes in the United States that have at least one pet - with even more around the world - and a place to share stories, photos, and tips with our Community of dog, cat, horse and bird lovers - or animals of any kind!

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    New Blogs Featured every week! REALTOR LIFE: As Realtors we have many adventures. Positive, exciting, or down right shocking. When we turn our story into a blog it may help ourselves and those who read them. As Realtors we are linked together by profession and the ActiveRain community. Share your Realtor life with us! ~ DISCLAIMER: These are your ideas, thoughts and insights. Who knows your Realtor Life better than you! ~ Realtors, Stagers, Investors, Inspectors, Mortgage Brokers, Loan office...

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    ActiveRain History Station

    Interested in history? Find it at the ActiveRain History Channel -- local history, state history, national history, world history, religious history, biographies, natural history, and more. If it's history, put it here and find it here! Do not post blogs just because you're a member of the ActiveRain History Channel. Posts should be about history. Posts not about history will be deleted.

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    Real Estate Technology

    Welcome to Real Estate Technology. This arena serves as a resource for all your Real Estate Technology needs. From applications to custom created solutions, this is the group you want to join. Creative ideas, new technologies, experienced members, all sharing and supporting each others needs and ideas.

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    Virginia Mortgage Blog

      VIRGINIA  MORTGAGE  BLOG Nationally Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, DEANNA EARLY, shares posts and offers ideas to aid and assist the Realtors of Virginia in their professional endeavors.   She also provides insight and mortgage information to assist buyers in completing their real estate transactions.   She can be contacted at (540) 721-2349 or by email at ""

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    Great Shots!

    A gathering place where kindred spirits can share a moment in time from behind the lense. It's a great place to be!

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    Minnesota Real Estate

    All Minnesota all the time! If you have a listing in Minnesota, or a buyer request, or a story about our great state this is the place to post it, and of course Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! We love all that our state has to offer and want to share that knowledge.

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