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  • Westchester County

    Known for its affluence and close proximity to New York City, Westchester County is actually one of the most diverse places in the USA, with horse country, charming villages, vibrant cities, shopping, beaches, riverfront, and just about anything else you can think of. Property values and taxes are high, but so is the unparalleled quality of life.

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  • Texas Real Estate

    For the Real Estate Community of The Great State of Texas We are very excited to have the opportunity to help this great group become the best group on Active Rain! As you can see we have already started awarding gold stars, and having a bi-weekly, Top Ten Texas Roundup for the best of the best blogs. We have some fun contest planed so watch for group e-mails. Our Guidelines are basically anything about our great state of Texas. Think unusual facts, places, stories, events, commentary, announ...

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  • "Whacked"!!!

    A place to hang out and "comment chat!" This is the place for all of your posts that don't "fit-in" anywhere else. As long as the posts comply with the ActiveRain guidelines, they are welcome here! Whacked!!! welcomes new members. If you like to get comments, give us a try! We change features often, so there is a great chance to get enhanced exposure too!

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    Please post your land listings for Sale in this group. No matter where it is there are developers and individuals looking for land to purchase. This blog is for LAND ONLY or properties where the value is in the LAND...

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  • Diary of a Realtor

    SHARE WITH THOSE WHO CARE... This group is for Realtors and their Associates...Stagers, Mortgage Brokers, Inspectors, and all our friends! No one is excluded. Please start your own Diary. Our writings belong to us as individuals. A Weblog is a type of Diary. We all create blogs to target market for our business. But, this is just for us. Diary of a Realtor is a community for your personal thoughts, experiences, feelings and records. Put your feet on the couch and tell your Diary all about it....

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  • Market Updates

    A group where you can post and easily gather market updates for different areas of US and across the world.

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    This group is for AtciveRain Members that want to post their listings. Let's try to keep this group for listings (ONLY) THANK YOU!

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  • Arizona Homes

    Welcome to Arizona's Community group - Arizona Homes. We're here to share information about the real estate market, economy, social events, happenings, weather, great photos - anything and everything that has to do with the great life that Arizona has to offer. Gather ideas, ask questions, refer business, build relationship. All are welcome!

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  • ActiveRain History Station

    Interested in history? Find it at the ActiveRain History Channel -- local history, state history, national history, world history, religious history, biographies, natural history, and more. If it's history, put it here and find it here! Do not post blogs just because you're a member of the ActiveRain History Channel. Posts should be about history. Posts not about history will be deleted.

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  • Certified Mobile Notary Signing Agent Blog

      Certified Mobile Notary Signing Agent Blog As a Certified Mobile Notary Signing Agent, DEANNA C SMITH shares posts and offers ideas to aid and assist the Realtors and Title Companies of Virginia in their professional endeavors.   She also provides insight into the services provided by Certified Mobile Notary Signing Agents.   Her background in Banking and the Mortgage industry makes her the best and most experienced person to handle the signings of your real estate transactions.   She can b...

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  • florida realestate

    realestate news, tips , investors, buyers etc

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  • Florida Realtor® Network

    Florida Realtors® unite! Our market is special and as such we can offer each other ideas and plans to help market our state. From Key West to The Florida Panhandle.

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  • Arizona Real Estate

    A group for local industry professionals in Arizona to get to know each other and network.

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  • Minnesota Real Estate

    All Minnesota all the time! If you have a listing in Minnesota, or a buyer request, or a story about our great state this is the place to post it, and of course Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! We love all that our state has to offer and want to share that knowledge.

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  • Coaching and Mentoring

    This Group has been formed to assist those who may have began their Real Estate careers,and our wondering what to do in order to launch their careers. There are probably a million and one questions that may arise each and everyday. Please feel free to post your questions,and we`ll make sure to answer them clearly and precisely for you to understand. Feel free to email us directly if you need to. It`s our pleasure helping our fellow Professionals.

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  • Observances and Celebrations

    This group is dedicated to our happy celebrations of anniversaries, milestones, and holidays as well as the solemn observance of more serious holidays. memorials, and historical dates. We'll even accept obscure or fictional dates. Submit photos, stories, remembrances, memories, or tributes about family, loved ones, veterans, heroes, customers, other professionals, or yourself. Celebrate the joyous holidays, the fun ones, the serious ones, the patriotic ones, and the memorial ones. Note milest...

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  • Ask An Ambassador

    AR Ambassadors are volunteers that have agreed to aid AR members in finding answers to questions to make their Active Rain experience worthwhile and enjoyable. We are here to help you make the most of your ActiveRain membership answering your AR related questions, assist you in finding the help you need to navigate the amazing array of resources available to you on Active Rain to ensure a productive AR blogging experience. We want to make this as easy as possible. Just write up what you need ...

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  • Realestateandfunding is a real estate website that offers real estate for sale in 20 countries, hundreds of funding options, and real estate employment opportunities. This group is the Active Rain version of Use this group to advertise real estate for sale, request or offer real estate funding, or offer a job in the fields of real estate or mortgage. To join for free, just use this link:

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  • All Thing's Texas

    A place to discuss issues, listings, trends, football ( all things Texas).

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