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    Observances and Celebrations

    This group is dedicated to our happy celebrations of anniversaries, milestones, and holidays as well as the solemn observance of more serious holidays. memorials, and historical dates. We'll even accept obscure or fictional dates. Submit photos, stories, remembrances, memories, or tributes about family, loved ones, veterans, heroes, customers, other professionals, or yourself. Celebrate the joyous holidays, the fun ones, the serious ones, the patriotic ones, and the memorial ones. Note milest...

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    North Carolina Real Estate

    For all Realtors, staging professionals, loan officers, and anyone else supporting real estate in the state of North Carolina. Everyone, feel free to bring over any classic posts that might be helpful to the group or to consumers. Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.

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    Ask An Ambassador

    AR Ambassadors are volunteers that have agreed to aid AR members in finding answers to questions to make their Active Rain experience worthwhile and enjoyable. We are here to help you make the most of your ActiveRain membership answering your AR related questions, assist you in finding the help you need to navigate the amazing array of resources available to you on Active Rain to ensure a productive AR blogging experience. We want to make this as easy as possible. Just write up what you need ...

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    Activerain MLS Online

    Welcome to the Official Active Rain MLS Online for Real Estate Professionals. About Activerain MLS OnlinePlease post Real Estate Listings ONLY!All other posts will be deleted. You can also use hyper-links to external websites and virtual tours.Here's the Instructions - How To Post Your Listing Please DO NOT POST to the Real Estate Professionals Group. Thank you.Other Groups To ConsiderActiverain Virtual Tours

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    Night Owls in the Rain

    Ok so I was talked right into this group, if you are Night Owl Blogger, like me... this is your group! By the time the kids are in bed and all of my emails are complete calls are returned and loose ends are tied up... yep, you guessed it, I am officially a Night Owl blogging here in the Rain. This just may be your group..... If so, join us!

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    Realestateandfunding is a real estate website that offers real estate for sale in 20 countries, hundreds of funding options, and real estate employment opportunities. This group is the Active Rain version of Use this group to advertise real estate for sale, request or offer real estate funding, or offer a job in the fields of real estate or mortgage. To join for free, just use this link:

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    Active Rain/Localism MLS Postings - For Sale

    Residential and Commercial MLS listings of properties and homes for sale around the world. Everyone is invited to join this group and post listings, read blogs, and contribute interesting information about real estate.

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    Winston Towers Sunny Isles Beach

    If you are going to sell, buy or lease Winston Towers Condo allow us to help you. Call our Winston Towers Specialist for free consultation. Winston Towers 100 250 174 Street Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160 Winston Towers 200 251 174 Street Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160 Winston Towers 300 230 174 Street Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160 Winston Towers 400 231 174 Street Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160 Winston Towers 500 301 174 Street Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160 Winston Towers 600 210...

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    A group to discus and share ideas for the marketing to the FSBO Market, Tips, Ticks and What has worked and has Not Worked for other marketing to the FSBO Market

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    Advice for Buyers

    Let's share all of our wonderful consumer posts geared towards buyers and the advice you would give them! Please make sure the posts are for buyers and not sellers. Your posts can be for all buyers in general, or just for specific area! What advice would you give your buyers? This is a group to share ideas for both agents and consumers!

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    For those who love a good wine and all of the great experiences that go with, conversation, celebration and of course sharing our pairings!  Please leave posts ONLY related to wine/vineyards and wine related topics!

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    YouTube Thursdays

    YouTube Thursdays is designed to increase subscribers on our YouTube Channels. Similar to Facebook Fridays. Videos, discussion about videos, video marketing and YouTube related posts only. Thanks and welcome to YouTube Thursdays.

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    Where agents from Massachusetts can comunicate about the latest news on the market in our region.

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    Our Success Stories

    There are so many Success Stories here in ActiveRain. Thank You For Joining our New Group...tell your Success Stories with a AR post add our Group to your Post, invite others in AR to Join..... we all have a success story to tell, so lets tell them !!! Here's a copy of my original invitation to you ..use it if you like... Many of you are truly having success selling Real Estate in an ever changing market with Doom and Gloom Press making our Jobs even harder.....I thought it would be a good id...

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    Facebook Fridays

    The Facebook Fridays group is designed to promote sharing with Facebook in mind. We encourage members to visit 5 Facebook pages of Rainmakers and give them a big thumbs up each Friday. We want this group to be a positive influence to increase our networks with each other on Facebook, support all of our Facebook pages, to learn more about Facebook for business and to get answers to the questions we have about Facebook. There will be few rules. Both posts and comments should be positive. This i...

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    Certified Residential Specialists

    Certified Residential Specialist or CRS, affiliated with the National Assiciation of Realtors is the top residential designation. Only 4% of Realtors hold this hard to achieve designation. I like to call CRS the "Cash Referral System", because this top network of national agents is also a great source of referrals. The purpose of the group is to promote CRS and to ask of members, what has CRS mean to you? Chapters, what do you do for your members? Why are you a member? Members, what would you...

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    New Hampshire - Real Estate and Life in The Granite State!

    This group is for all posts related to real estate and living in the great state of New Hampshire. Feel free to submit your posts to this group if they pertain to NEW HAMPSHIRE.

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    Area Events

    So many of us post local events and happenings for our respective areas. Use this group as your 'home' to post all of your local events and regional 'things to do.' Post your calendar of events, your weekly 'things to do,' your upcoming 'main event' or anything to do with the local happenings in any region.

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    Inman News worthy Blog Posts

    Inman News worthy Blog Posts: The purpose of this Group is to produce Posts that the individual writer of the post believes should be featured on Inman News. Active Rain has partnered with Inman News where members post will be randomly picked by Inman. So why not make it easy for Inman I created this Group so Inman need only to subscribe to this Group and will have an easier time to pick Posts they would like to feature.

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