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  • Colorado Real Estate

    This is a forum for all things related to Colorado Real Estate. This is an opportunity to become more educated about the State of Colorado, including Real Estate, events, statistics, great vacation spots, or anything else you feel would benefit the members. Colorado is a great place to buy and sell real estate, and especially to LIVE! Welcome.

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  • Activerain MLS Online

    Welcome to the Official Active Rain MLS Online for Real Estate Professionals. About Activerain MLS OnlinePlease post Real Estate Listings ONLY!All other posts will be deleted. You can also use hyper-links to external websites and virtual tours.Here's the Instructions - How To Post Your Listing Please DO NOT POST to the Real Estate Professionals Group. Thank you.Other Groups To ConsiderActiverain Virtual Tours

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    This group is about CALIFORNIA (Only) I formed this group because I have been visiting and traveling through California since I was 14 years old. I own property in California and it is my favorite State. You can post any blogs you want about California, photographs, etc. I have been California dreaming all my life. Let me read about other people that have this similar dream! (Founder: Robert Swetz - Vegas Bob) Robert Swetz, Founder

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  • YouTube Thursdays

    YouTube Thursdays is designed to increase subscribers on our YouTube Channels. Similar to Facebook Fridays. Videos, discussion about videos, video marketing and YouTube related posts only. Thanks and welcome to YouTube Thursdays.

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  • ActiveRain Nature Station

    Share pictures and topics Inspired By Nature. Maybe a picture or thought inspired you to blog about a topic. Including that topic here is okay, but make sure the juxtaposition is well understood or tell us how Nature inspired you to that topic. Note that how people are "inspired" can differ. For example, it might be a sad topic that was simply inspired by nature -- a friend's tree reminded you of your deceased mother's tree. It might be a controversial topic that uses Nature or pictures to so...

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  • ActiveRainWiners

    For those who love a good wine and all of the great experiences that go with, conversation, celebration and of course sharing our pairings!  Please leave posts ONLY related to wine/vineyards and wine related topics!

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  • Welcome to my Neighborhood

    When Posting, PLEASE INCLUDE THE CITY AND STATE YOU ARE POSTING ABOUT TO HELP BUYERS NAVIGATE THROUGH THE POSTS EASIER. This group is designed to help potential buyers get an idea of what the town they may be interested in looks like, right from the comfort of their own home. In these posts, you will find information on different towns all across the country on a local level. The group is geared to promoting its local town events they may be having, attractions in the town, etc. Thank you for...

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  • Technology

    This group is for anyone interested in technology and it's application in our businesses -- to enable ourselves and our employees to be more efficient, productive, communicative and provide improved service -- and to help allow our daily lives to be easier and more enjoyable . While our focus will be on computer, information management, security and Internet related topics, we will also look at other technology tools, trends, concepts and even statistics as desired. This tech group is also fo...

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  • Charlotte North Carolina Area

    Find out what's happening in Charlotte and how it may affect your business.

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  • Family Ties

    First question: Is this simply a fan club for the 80's sitcom? No. I just wanted to think of something memorable for this group. This is meant to be a fun place to escape the daily drama of the real estate industry. Please feel free to post any family stories or lessons here. We envision this as a great place to share funny stories about kids, marriage, siblings, parenting, or anything family-related. Posts may relate business to family life, or they may be about striking a healthy balance be...

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  • Local Real Estate Market Reports

    Local Real Estate Market ReportsThis group is dedicated to showcase market reports prepared by real estate professionals for their local communities. Show the world you're the expert of your local real estate market by compiling reports that showcase the knowledge and information you have of your local market area, and post them here. Please be creative, don’t just cut and paste reports you find somewhere else. The spirit of this group is to show local communities real estate agents are profe...

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  • Facebook Fridays

    The Facebook Fridays group is designed to promote sharing with Facebook in mind. We encourage members to visit 5 Facebook pages of Rainmakers and give them a big thumbs up each Friday. We want this group to be a positive influence to increase our networks with each other on Facebook, support all of our Facebook pages, to learn more about Facebook for business and to get answers to the questions we have about Facebook. There will be few rules. Both posts and comments should be positive. This i...

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  • Our Success Stories

    There are so many Success Stories here in ActiveRain. Thank You For Joining our New Group...tell your Success Stories with a AR post add our Group to your Post, invite others in AR to Join..... we all have a success story to tell, so lets tell them !!! Here's a copy of my original invitation to you ..use it if you like... Many of you are truly having success selling Real Estate in an ever changing market with Doom and Gloom Press making our Jobs even harder.....I thought it would be a good id...

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  • Moving to Arizona

    Group dedicated to posts related to relocation to Arizona.

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  • Things to Do/Places to Visit

    Please read the rules carefully before posting to this group! Group rules are as follows... This group is a place to add your Localism posts that talk about Things To Do/Places to Visit in your area (non real estate related). Share your local restaurants, state parks, museums, art galleries, picnics, ball games, parades, etc. NO real estate functions, listings, potential listings, real estate statistics, graphs, charts, etc! This group is for posts that appeal to people who want to visit with...

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  • Great Shots!

    A gathering place where kindred spirits can share a moment in time from behind the lense. It's a great place to be!

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  • Inman News worthy Blog Posts

    Inman News worthy Blog Posts: The purpose of this Group is to produce Posts that the individual writer of the post believes should be featured on Inman News. Active Rain has partnered with Inman News where members post will be randomly picked by Inman. So why not make it easy for Inman I created this Group so Inman need only to subscribe to this Group and will have an easier time to pick Posts they would like to feature.

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  • Active Rain Foodaholics

    Food lovers unite! This group is for those who live to eat. Create profiles of your favorite local restaurants, share your unique family recipes, recall tales of diners and eateries you've visited around the world, and talk about unusual cuisine or your latest food find. Napkins to wipe the drool off your face are NOT provided. Read at your own risk!

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  • Agents who want REFERRALS!

    Please join and leave your name, area you service and contact info. Who wants some referral business? I DO!

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