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    Agents who want REFERRALS!

    Please join and leave your name, area you service and contact info. Who wants some referral business? I DO!

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    Good Morning or Good Night Activerain

    Simple Rules = Good Morning or Good Night with a photo attached ...... I formed this group because I am always up early in the Morning or Late at Night and right when I wake up I will throw a post out there or post a blog before I tuck in for the night. So either way you can use "Good Morning" or "Good Night" in the title of your post at this group. There were several AR members that kept asking me to form this group and here it is ... VEGAS BOB

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    Hampton Roads Active in the Rain

    Hampton Roads Agents, Brokers, and Vendors who are serious about sharing content related to Southern Virginia Cities: Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Smithfield, Suffolk, Williamsburg, York County.

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    The AR Cookbook....enter your favorite recipes here for all to enjoy.

    I see many people wishing to share recipes on AR. It seems to me that it would be fun to post our favorite recipes in one specific site where all could go to find new and different original (or not) recipes. If they are not your own creations, please list the author. If they are your creations please say so as well. The author of this group reserves the right to eventually create a cook-book from the recipes that you post here for possible later circulation to the AR members. So if you post h...

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  • Local Events

    Here is a home for local events! Fundraisers, blood drives, school news, homeowner association meetings, grand openings, plays, boat races, 5k runs.... if it's an event... it belongs here!

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    Real Estate Instructors

    This is a place for real estate educators/instructors and coaches/trainers to post ideas, ask questions, and brainstorm. Any topics pertaining to teaching real estate (initial licensing, continuing ed, etc) are welcome. Let's network and share best practices!

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    Feather Nesters

    The Feather Nesters Group is for those interested in finding information and ideas to help feather their nest. A great place for posting Recipes, Home Improvement, Landscape or Decorating suggestions and ideas. Any blog posts with material on how to make a house a home, or feather a nest, are welcome!

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    Tennessee Realtors - Join Hands

    "Tennessee Realtors Group" is a place for us to join hands, work together in this industry. For REALTORS, INSPECTORS, STAGERS, MORTGAGE BROKERS AND LOAN OFFICERS. Talk about TN Realtors Associations, our laws, TN real estate news, Post our listings, things to do in TN, Your local area, "anything Tennessee". A place to JOIN HANDS across the great state of Tennessee!

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    Waxhaw Rocks!

    Blog Group featuring the BIG Town of Waxhaw, North Carolina, and maybe just a bit about it's little suburb to the north of her, Charlotte!

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    West Virginia Connection

    A group where WV REALTORS can gather to share technology tips, marketing ideas and referrals. Agents from other states welcome.

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    Free Online Marketing Ideas!

    This group is designed as a forum for agents to share ideas to market our business websites for free on the internet. This may include your agent page, office page and listings.

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    Market Updates

    A group where you can post and easily gather market updates for different areas of US and across the world.

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    Coaching and Mentoring

    This Group has been formed to assist those who may have began their Real Estate careers,and our wondering what to do in order to launch their careers. There are probably a million and one questions that may arise each and everyday. Please feel free to post your questions,and we`ll make sure to answer them clearly and precisely for you to understand. Feel free to email us directly if you need to. It`s our pleasure helping our fellow Professionals.

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    Phoenix Arizona Real Estate

    Information on the Phoenix Metropolitan Real Estate Market and Local Events.

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    2014 Market Reports

    What's happening in your real estate market in 2014? Post your 2014 Market Reports and Trends here. Please only post market trends, market reports, market data in this group. This includes real estate and real estate related industries. All market trends and/or statistics are welcome here! Thank you.

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    Military Relocations

    The purpose of this group is to provide a clearinghouse of helpful information that is specific to assisting our honored servicemen and women in the relocation process. As a Group, we strive to provide excellent, relevant information to our valued Military personnel. In order to help them 'FIND' our articles, we need to use appropriate Titles, Keywords, and tags that are specific to the military issues or base(s) in our area. Whenever you draft a post for inclusion to this group, make sure th...

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    Silent Saturday

    This is another opportunity for Rainers to share their photographic skills and do it without any description or caption at all. It we need to know what we're looking at tell us - otherwise, let the picture do the talking. You might be tired or busy on Saturday, so just post a picture.

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    Aging-in-Place, Boomers, Castles & Dreams

    FOREVER HOMES- Do you believe that a generational cohort - people invested in the idea of sustainability -can leverage "boomer power" to create excellent dwelling possibilities?  We do. In fact, when it comes to castles, dreams, and  forever homes, the bloggers here create a touch of magic when "aging-in-place" becomes AGING IN PALACE.

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    Winston Towers Sunny Isles Beach

    If you are going to sell, buy or lease Winston Towers Condo allow us to help you. Call our Winston Towers Specialist for free consultation. Winston Towers 100 Winston Towers 200 Winston Towers 300 Winston Towers 400 Winston Towers 500 Winston Towers 600 Winston Towers 700 SIB Realty • 18335 Collins Ave. Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160 • Phone: 305.931.6931

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    Winston Towers

    If you are going to sell, buy or lease Winston Towers Condo allow us to help you. Call our Winston Towers Specialist for free consultation. SIB Realty • 18335 Collins Ave. Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160 • Phone: 305.931.6931

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