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  • 2014 Market Reports

    What's happening in your real estate market in 2014? Post your 2014 Market Reports and Trends here. Please only post market trends, market reports, market data in this group. This includes real estate and real estate related industries. All market trends and/or statistics are welcome here! Thank you.

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  • Real Good Eats

    This group is for people who love food, food photos, food tips and food talk. It's all about what we do to "kick it up" or what we eat to cure the blues. It's about the food our favorite restaurant has to offer. It's about great food finds. It's about dipping our french fries in lager ale gravy at an Irish Pub. It's all about making our mouths water with food "show and tell." Come on, talk foodie to us and show us your cupcakes!

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  • Silent Saturday

    This is another opportunity for Rainers to share their photographic skills and do it without any description or caption at all. It we need to know what we're looking at tell us - otherwise, let the picture do the talking. You might be tired or busy on Saturday, so just post a picture.

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  • Fort Bend County Real Estate

    Anything Sugar Land, Katy, Richmond, Rosenberg, Missouri City, Stafford & Needville TEXAS. In other words... Fort Bend County!

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  • CLOUDS AT ACTIVERAIN (clouds attached)

    This group is for photos of Clouds, Rainbows and any photos of the sky! I am always looking at the sky because I believe there is something out there that is very unexplainable! Clouds are very interesting because they can take on many different shapes and forms! Robert Swetz, Founder (Vegas Bob)

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  • Christmas Photos are FUN!

    The Christmas Photo Group is THE place to share all of your favorite Christmas Photos!

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  • Aging-in-Place, Boomers, Castles & Dreams

    FOREVER HOMES- Do you believe that a generational cohort - people invested in the idea of sustainability -can leverage "boomer power" to create excellent dwelling possibilities?  We do. In fact, when it comes to castles, dreams, and  forever homes, the bloggers here create a touch of magic when "aging-in-place" becomes AGING IN PALACE.

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  • Travel Bug

    During my recent trip I was bitten by the Travel Bug. Once bitten I realized there are many others with this bug. Feel free to share travel pictures, travel writing, dream travel lists, adventures and travel info. Anything you have done or want to do related to travel. Please share and keep the bug thriving.

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  • The Marketing Maniacs

    Social media.  Targeted advertising.  Videography.  Marketing.  Doing business in the digital age. This is the new home of those looking to innovate and learn and to teach...and to market with the maniacs.

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  • Creative Solutions That Saved The Deal

    Industry professionals share their bright ideas and creative ways they've saved a transaction.

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  • Cool Stuff

    "Cool Stuff" - A casual forum to chat about interesting and unusual ideas, products and out-of-the-ordinary stuff.

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  • Marvelous Monday Photos

    This is the day that the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! Sometimes folks just need a little reminder that Monday is just as marvelous as any other day! This is the place to post those Motivational Monday thoughts (or photos) to get them (us) going in the right direction! Happy Monday!

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  • Architecturally Interesting

    This is a group where you can post photos of interesting architecture. As Realtors, we are all probably drawn to beautiful buildings. Personally, I love the Beaux-Arts style but also find beauty in sleek, modern designs. If you'd like to say a few words about the building, its' history, and/or your area, that would be good. If you'd like to do a dissertation on the architect, go for it! I LOVE looking at structures and I love to learn so anything you choose to share here will be welcome.

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  • Canada has Arrived!!

    A new corner for the ActiveRain'ers in Canada who can have a spot where they can come talk about Canadian news, and markets!

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  • Sunrises and Sunsets

    Sunrises and Sunsets Group is for sharing your beautiful sunrises and sunsets where you live or anywhere you have shot a sunrise or sunset. Some of the best ways to start and end your day is with what the sun can illuminate in the sky for your taking. John Wingate Realtor on Facebook

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  • SpiritualRain

    This is a christian based group and as such I request you only post spiritual posts that will lift others up

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  • Dallas Real Estate

    For the Real Estate Community of the greater Dallas area. Our Guidelines are basically have fun, play fair, participate, learn, help others.

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  • America's Best Agents

    We are America's Best Agents networking together to be more successful with the best marketing tools. We believe in the American Dream of Home Ownership. We strive to be the best real estate agents in America and we are always working harder to be better. Http:// Read More at Http://

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  • Real Estate Video Marketing

    Real Estate Video Marketing Learn How To Do it Yourself.

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  • Gardening

    All welcome to come and share for the Love of Gardening!

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