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    Winston Towers

    If you are going to sell, buy or lease Winston Towers Condo allow us to help you. Call our Winston Towers Specialist for free consultation. SIB Realty • 18335 Collins Ave. Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160 • Phone: 305.931.6931

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    Travel Bug

    During my recent trip I was bitten by the Travel Bug. Once bitten I realized there are many others with this bug. Feel free to share travel pictures, travel writing, dream travel lists, adventures and travel info. Anything you have done or want to do related to travel. Please share and keep the bug thriving.

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    Land Specialists

    "UNDER ALL IS THE LAND" Join this group of HARDY Real estate professionals who "LOVE the Land!" We like to talk about Site Planning and Land Development, Lot Design, Preparation and Development, Environmental Impact, Ecology, Hydrology, Landscaping Construction, Building materials and methods. We like to read parcel maps, topographical maps and a compass. We keep in mind geology, and environmental concerns, and most of us actually are willing and fit enough to walk acreages through dense fore...

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    The Marketing Maniacs

    Social media.  Targeted advertising.  Videography.  Marketing.  Doing business in the digital age. This is the new home of those looking to innovate and learn and to teach...and to market with the maniacs.

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    Luxury Home Marketing

    Place where we can discuss the marketing of luxury homes and upper-tier properties. Discuss ideas and strategies that work. If you work with high-end clients selling luxury homes or want to join in that exclusive niche then by all means join the group and lets get some discussions going.

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    Bloggers Choice Selections

    As the Active Rain Network grows, more Excellent Content is being written everyday. Blogger's Choice is the Place to Highlight Your Favorite Posts which are NOT Currently Featured.

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    Luxury Home Agents

    Luxury Home Agents is a group for agents who list and sell luxury homes, (over 1 million Dollars). Anyone who also aspires to be in this market may join

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    Creative Solutions That Saved The Deal

    Industry professionals share their bright ideas and creative ways they've saved a transaction.

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    Giving Back

    "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." ~ Winston Churchill Share your successes and challenges in giving back to your community and other favorite causes. Need an idea or help with a project? With 30,000+ Rainers, I'm sure one of us has the knowledge or contacts to make it happen! Image credit: MITSloan Newsroom Articles 'Net Impact'

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    Cool Stuff

    "Cool Stuff" - A casual forum to chat about interesting and unusual ideas, products and out-of-the-ordinary stuff.

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    Vacation and Second homes

    The fastest growing segment of the real estate market is vacation and second homes. We live in the vacation home markets and we own vacation homes for our own use, and/or second homes as investments. We do 1031 exchanges and handle many of our transactions long distance. We have lots of ideas on rentals, management and marketing. Join us!

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    Chester County, PA

    This Group is intended for Real Estate Professionals located in or serving clients in Chester County, PA.

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    Marvelous Monday Photos

    This is the day that the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! Sometimes folks just need a little reminder that Monday is just as marvelous as any other day! This is the place to post those Motivational Monday thoughts (or photos) to get them (us) going in the right direction! Happy Monday!

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    The Optimist

    The Glass is Half Full... I am grateful for... Life is Good! Your day will be better just by reading the blogs here. Bring us your GIFTS - post wonderful tips or advice about anything LIFE or BUSINESS ENHANCING, MOTIVATE and INSPIRE US! Find the good side of everything! Life is short. Live it well! It all starts in your head...

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    Architecturally Interesting

    This is a group where you can post photos of interesting architecture. As Realtors, we are all probably drawn to beautiful buildings. Personally, I love the Beaux-Arts style but also find beauty in sleek, modern designs. If you'd like to say a few words about the building, its' history, and/or your area, that would be good. If you'd like to do a dissertation on the architect, go for it! I LOVE looking at structures and I love to learn so anything you choose to share here will be welcome.

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    Canada has Arrived!!

    A new corner for the ActiveRain'ers in Canada who can have a spot where they can come talk about Canadian news, and markets!

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    Sunrises and Sunsets

    Sunrises and Sunsets Group is for sharing your beautiful sunrises and sunsets where you live or anywhere you have shot a sunrise or sunset. Some of the best ways to start and end your day is with what the sun can illuminate in the sky for your taking. John Wingate Realtor on Facebook

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    This is a christian based group and as such I request you only post spiritual posts that will lift others up

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