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This group is being formed to discuss the ongoign changes in the market from both a Banking and Broker standpoint. I hope this will also allow members to post accurate information in the marketplace regarding the different banks and brokers and the types of business that they will accept. As many lenders and brokers are closing their doors I feel it will weed out the people in this side of the business that do nat care about customers but only about the dollars they can get on each transaction. I do not want to bash anyone but I hope we can all act as professionals to help each other in a more confined environment than the blogs that are out there now. I will also be happy to help loan officers figure out the best place for them to take their loans or on how to structure certain deals as well as to stear them towrds programs that may be avaiable that they do not knwo about. I may not kow it all but I do know a lot and if I do not have an answer I hope somone else will feel the urge to help other in this industry.


Scott Mitchell

Mortgage and Lending