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Neofuse: Launching MID January 2008 (1st of its kind).. Neofuse is creating a dual environment, both virtual and physical, to equip small businesses and individuals with tools to build and grow their core businesses while assisting in long term residual wealth building through relevant products and services...aka my space/ facebook for business minded entreprenuerial types looking to explode their core business....promote yourself and have affiliate ad space to drive traffic to your site! Create lifetime residual income by assisting others to promote their careers!! This is my ideal network!!!! (available Jan 2008) email or call me for information at: cell: 513-515-6329 ****Info-Front line positions**** Talk Fusion: (awesome networking company that will enhance your current business by video email with templates while you create lifetime residual income; many high profiled celebs and professional athletes are in) (incredible networking opportunity; ask me how you can join and offer this incredible service and make lifetime residual income) Credit education and financial literacy with specific regard to credit scoring (Washington Lobbyist Support); this is not credit counseling!! Credit=$$$/Borrowing Power/Leverage Traditionally your credit score increases 75-125 points!! Ask about our guarantee! Those interested in purchasing or refinancing there home as well as private money lending, commercial lending etc.......unsecured & conventional lines of credit..... Respectfully, William O’Toole Co Founder Neofuse 513-515-6329


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