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"Pay It Forward" Accountability Group

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Founded: 10/10/2010

This is your platform to share with everyone how you "Paid It Forward" this week. Your accountability group to report to everyone your act of kindness to share with your peers. PLEASE READ THE REQUIREMENTS: 1. You must post one blog post per week to the group. ONLY ONE per week. Each of the blog posts are due no later than that Sunday at 9PM Pacific Time. Do not concern yourself with which day of the month is the end of the month. Just meet your accountablity by posting your one blog by each Sunday at 9PM PT. 2. Your blog post must contain the words "Pay It Forward" in both the Title and Tags of the blog post. 3. Your blog post must report how you have done an act of kindness for someone, thing, or group. VERY IMPORTANT: since this is still a relatively new group, we have been a little "grey" in this approach and have allowed everyone to post about various acts performed by others, charitable organizations, etc. But now the rule is it must be an act of kindness that you have performed yourself, that actual week you are reporting it, not in the past. 4. And this is a new rule also: VERY IMPORTANT - Each month I will post a "reporting" blog. That is, it will be a blog where you will come back to several times that month to add the links to your blog posts for that month, or you can just post all of the links in your comment box at the end of the month. So you must have 1 COMMENT BOX ONLY that shows the links to your 4 (or however many for that calendar month) posts. The reason we are doing this is because our group is growing rapidly and in order to track the posts, we need to make this a requirement of the accountability for the bonus points each month. You see the first "reporting" blog immediately after this post. YOUR LINKS TO EACH PAY IT FORWARD BLOG IN THE REPORTING POST ARE DUE NO LATER THAN THE 7TH OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH, 9PM PACIFIC TIME. If your blog posts to the group do not have the words "Pay It Forward" in both the title and tags, it will be deleted from the group. Also, if your blog post does not remotely resemble the theme of the group, showing your recent act of kindness, then it is also subject to removal from the group. If you meet your weekly requirement for the entire month, you will be awarded 2,500 bonus points for that month.


Ralph Gorgoglione

Real Estate Broker/Owner