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Come share your experiences with other members of Active Rain. This is a serious group for sharing your marketing results with other members of Active Rain. Did you run an advertisement in your local paper and get response or no response at all? How did you do off of your home ad mag ads last month? Did that radio spot do you any good? When posting to this group, we would appreciate you including specifics like the cost of the advertisement and the exact number of calls received, listings obtained or sales made. If their was no cost, but it required your time, please include an estimate of the amount of time you spent on the effort. It is a good idea to post a copy of the ad itself, if possible. Do not worry if someone else has already posted the performance of their marketing effort which is similar to yours. Go ahead and post yours even if you had similar results. It will help reinforce the possible results to other readers. Postings which do not include a specific marketing technique and the results of the effort will be deleted.


Chris Bradford

Real Estate Agent