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Sedona Arizona & Verde Valley Real Estate

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Founded: 03/16/2016

The "Main Thing" about this group is to sell or market Sedona. We do that through:

  • Market Reports With YOUR Analysis
  • Talk About Events - 
  • Things to See
  • Things to Do
  • Do It Through YOUR Photography
  • Discover Neighborhoods
  • Discover Sub Divisions
  • Discover Sedona Lifestyle
  • Business Grand Openings
  • We encourage a "Niche" Focus

Things Not to do

  • No Cut and Paste or Just a Link
  • Blatent & Shameless Self Promotion!
  • Listings - Must tell a story - blog style - 2 or more quality pictures - Why would I want to buy this property? - unique features or amenities - 

If Blog does not adhere to above criteria, it may be removed. We are "Selling" Sedona. Entice the reader to want more.  We want our audience to develop "Red Rock Fever".  It is a condition that you just can't get enough of the red rocks that surround this magnifcent area!


Sheri Sperry - MCNE®

Real Estate Agent