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For the Real Estate Community of The Great State of Texas We are very excited to have the opportunity to help this great group become the best group on Active Rain! As you can see we have already started awarding gold stars, and having a bi-weekly, Top Ten Texas Roundup for the best of the best blogs. We have some fun contest planed so watch for group e-mails. Our Guidelines are basically anything about our great state of Texas. Think unusual facts, places, stories, events, commentary, announcements, etc. with lots of great pictures. Also market stats for your city, or area and conditions that effect Texas Real Estate, Realtors, and the people who live here. We will also accept “limited” amounts of listings; however that is not our main goal here. EVERYTHING posted here has to be about Texas or at the very least have Texas woven into the post, or it will not be allowed. U'all be careful to stay on topic! Tell your friends, and let’s have some good old Texas fun, and learn a lot from each other. Moderators: Liz Carter, Katy Texas Marchel Peterson, Spring Texas


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