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It's all about them (ThemThem)

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ThemThem's, sharing the positive side of others with the world, who deserve to be recognized and thanked by you. The eagle in your eye. It may be a spouse, family member, a co-worker, a client, anyone from the general public, a company or an Active Rain member who may have inspired you through their help or posts. A Group to welcome that new Active Rain member. It's the site to give a "ataboy" or "atagirl" pat on their back. We are a "Positive" Group for paying it forward! IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU, IT'S ABOUT THEM. Check out the members of the group, they are the Who's Who on Active Rain. ThemThem members utilize the (5 P) approach, Positive People Providing Positive Posts! Join us today. ..........................................The Group is being moderated by Jan Evett Panama City Beach, FL & Renae Bolton ~ Marketing 4 Realtors & Paddy Pizappi Hudson Valley, NY


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