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WEB 2.0 Marketing on Steroids for Real Estate

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WEB 2.0 Social Media Marketing is the most exciting change in Real Estate ever: now it is all about making a contribution to the community, not just having deep pockets! Your contribution is more powerful than your wallet in this marketplace if you know how to use it! You can sell more houses using what is in your creative mind than you can by spending huge budgets if you know how to leverage this technology to your advantage! Let's do it! I (your moderator) have learned more from you about this market than I had ever imagined I did not know, and I am happy to admit it. This is a heavily moderated forum: link-bait posts and posts for the sake of points are deleted. False or outdated information and self-promotion are deleted. If you have something real to share, you will not be wasting your time, or ours! If you hold yourself out as an expert, provide proof of what you are saying, reference source material, and be prepared to be challenged - misinformation is deleted and can cause you to loose your posting privileges.


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