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How to Keyword Your Blogs For Search Engine Optimization

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How to Keyword Your Blogs For Search Engine Optimization

First, let's dispel the myth that Google, Bing, and other popular search engines are still using meta keywords... They're not. Here is a great article that explains why meta keywords are no longer used to rank website search results. This post is about how to use your blog title and content to rank higher in search engines. To begin this task, start considering which phrases and terms people type into search engines. Here is a short guide on how to keyword your blogs for search engine optimization:

1. When creating a title for your blog post, ask yourself "Will anyone search for this?" Do not create a blog post with a title that no one would ever think to type into a search engine.

  • Good: 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Condos in Bellevue, WA
  • Bad: Beautiful Homes for a Growing Family

2. Use a long-tail keyword search phrase. Put this keyword phrase in the front of your title. Your keyword phrase should be under 70 characters. Never target more than one keyword phrase in the same blog post. Almost always use geography.

3. Get specific when talking geography. You can do this by getting as specific as subdivision or complex. You could also do this by using "near ______" (Example: Homes for sale near Lake Washington).

  • Good: Homes for sale near Microsoft
  • Bad: Bellevue Homes for Sale

4. Use more specific adjectives. Include types of homes, property description, and builder names.

  • Good: Colonial homes under $200,000 in Lacey, WA
  • Bad: Lacey, WA Beautiful homes

5. Consider writing posts that include information about living somewhere. This may include; Best neighborhoods, tax information, or loan information.

6. Use your prior knowledge to write quality blog posts. What questions do they ask you? You can use emails you have sent clients to build blog content. When a client asks you for home staging tips and you send them an email back with a list of ideas, you have just created content that could easily be turned into a relevant blog post! If a client asks you a question, there a good chance that many potential clients are typing that same question into search engines.

7. Use Google AdWords to help you research good keyword search phrase ideas. More in depth information on this can be found in the video below.

Click here for more great videos on how to keyword your blogs for search engine optimization.

Following these guidelines is sure to help you keyword your blogs for search engine optimization.

Ralph Janisch ABR CRS Broker
Janisch & Co. - Conroe, TX
Selling Northwest Houston to good people like you!

Good reminder.  I try to keep all this stuff in mind but its so easy to get sidetracked and distracted.

May 22, 2013 11:58 AM
Ashley Hefner
ActiveRain - Kirkland, WA
Member Support Specialist

@Jeanne and Ralph: Yes, it is very easy to get sidetracked and distracted. Remember, you can always go back and edit your older posts!

May 28, 2013 02:41 AM