Send Leads to Your CRM
Wouldn’t it be nice if blogging leads you got from ActiveRain showed up automatically in your contact management system?
Our parent company (Market Leader) has developed Smart Leads Technology that will route your ActiveRain leads direct to your contact management software. If you are a Market Leader customer and would like to enable Smart Leads from ActiveRain, insert your webmail email as the leads email on your ActiveRain profile using the orange button below.
This feature also works for agents using contact management software from other providers that are capable of accepting leads from outside sources.
Lead Capture Tools on ActiveRain
To learn more about the lead capture tools available on ActiveRain, read our blog post Lead Capture Tools.
All of these tools can be accessed from the Edit Profile page in your account
Smart Leads Technology
Market Leader’s Smart Leads Technology empowers you to generate, engage, and manage all of your leads seamlessly from any source, on any device.
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