Real Estate Cell Phones Reviews

Have you ever lost your cell phone? Kind of scary, isn’t it? It starts with the frantic search through the handbag or brief case and typically ends in utter panic. The cellphone is our lifeline to the world, especially the real estate world.

The NAR technology study finds that Smartphones are all the rage for their members, with Android’s operating system as the most popular, the iPhone running second and BlackBerry’s OS not far behind. Twelve percent of agents surveyed don’t use a Smartphone and, believe it or not, 2 percent aren’t sure if they use one or not.

We’re hearing the buzz about the faster iPhone 5. Sure it’s got some problems, but the larger display the networking capabilities and the new OS make it worth talking about. If you’ve got one, feel free to share your experience with it.

That’s what this section of ActiveRain is all about -- a way to help your colleagues who are considering the purchase of new technology.

If you’re here to learn, have a seat and read on.