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Real Estate Social Networking Reviews

Social media has got to be one of the most overused terms of the decade. Be that as it may, it’s an important facet of a well-rounded real estate business web-based marketing campaign. Understanding social media – how it works and why you should be using it – is the first step toward becoming successful with it. Again, it’s a great big topic and it seems as if everybody has an opinion on the various aspects of it.

It all goes back to the core of any real estate business marketing campaign: the need to attract homeowners that want to sell their homes and homebuyers wanting to purchase. To that end, social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn offer real estate pros a way to build a brand and generate leads and sales.

First, however, you need to build a social media strategy (another of those overused yet important terms). Today, it’s not enough to just create a social media presence; you need to actively participate in it. This doesn’t mean slamming all your Facebook friends with new listings and details about your open houses either. The first word is “social,” remember?

Participating actively means sharing with your audience useful, relevant information in an engaging manner.

Then, there is the question: “How much social media do we need?” Do we really have to be active on every social network out there, or is it okay to pick and choose what seems to work for us? 

Despite its importance, only 33 percent of agents feel “extremely comfortable” using social media (according to the NAR) while 16 percent feel either uncomfortable or don’t use it at all.

Which group do you belong to? If you’re one of the 33 percent, we’d love to hear your stories, your advice and how those agents in the 16 percent can get started. How do you use social media and what platforms have brought you the most success? This is the spot to share your social media wisdom with your fellow ActiveRain colleagues and help them take the next step in moving their businesses to a new level.

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