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PPC - Hire it, or DIY? (by friendswoodrealestate)
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This is probably not the place for this question and if you direct me to it, I'll post it where it should be. PPC Does anyone do their own PPC using a RG site? I'm considering RG because I work a tiny market with about 75k people and from what I can tell, the PPC guys want $500 (or more) to do the job. Don't get me wrong; they deserve it. I have a fairly good understanding of it, managed my own campaigns from 2002 to 2010. Admittedly I'll be rusty, and no I won't be as good as the pros. But I feel like the cost for my small market where I'm expecting only 30-40 leads per month, won't justify the expense of the pros. Thoughts? From what I can see and read so far, RG looks like a real winner. TIA
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