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RT Capital Advisors, Inc. - ​Providing access to Hedge Funds, Private Money, Private Party Investors, REITs, CMBS, Community, Regional & Global Bank niche and non-QM mortgage products.

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 Call me directly at (562) 344-LOAN, I am the CEO at RT Capital Advisors, Inc. we can provide unique access to Stated Income/Verified Asset, NIVA and Alternative Documentation Loans through Commercial and Residential Lenders, Hedge Funds, Private Parties, Private Money, REITs and Banks nationwide. 

Private Money Loans and Commercial Loans are available on a retail and wholesale basis to Brokers and Realtors, just register online.

When submitting a file larger than 7 attachments, please put it in a Dropbox file. 

The general public can apply for all loan products directly.


Alternative Documentation (ALT doc), Stated Income, No Income verified HELOCs, Private Money Loans & Hedge Funds. Cash-out Refi and Purchase up to 83% LTV**

No Taxes, w2's or 1099s needed



Stated Income Verified Asset (SIVA) Loan Product for Residential or Commercial

1) Stated Income, Verified Asset - Purchase or Refinance Loans

Fix and Flip or Long Term Hold - Loan Amounts to $5,000,000.

Commercial or Residential Loans for Non-Owner and Investment properties up to 75% LTV. Or 75% ARV (After Repair Value) on Fix and Flips.

Terms: 30 year fixed, 3/1 ARM or 1 year Fix and Flip.

No Income verification needed.

3 months PITI reserves needed post closing.

Rates from 6.99%. Rate buydown available.

600 minimum FICO score required.

21 day close of escrow. Interest reserve options.

NO minimum FICO needed for Fix and Flip Investor financing.

Any amount of properties allowed. In Bankruptcy or Foreclosure OK.
Unlimited cash out. No title seasoning required.
Available: Nationwide except IL, MN, ND, NV & SD.
Fees: 1.5 points + $775 processing in the transaction.

Alternative Documentation (ALT-Doc) Loans

2) Lite doumentation: 

Self-Employed for the last 2 years: Last 1 year Taxes are required or 24 months bank statements.

Employees: w2's and paystubs only for Primary Residence

3, 5, 7 and 10/1 ARM's, 15 and 30 year fixed. Rates from 4%.

Owner-Occupied, 2nd homes and Investment properties, SFR's and 2-4’s.

Loan to value up to 80% for a purchase, 70% rate and term or cash-out refinance.

Minimum FICO 620.

Qualifying: The qualifying income is 45% DTI based on AGI/Ordinary Income on Taxes and the debt on the credit report and with the new mortgage. Proof of 6 months PITIA reserves for the subject property seasoned in the bank for 60 days on Owner Occupied and 12 months reserves on all debt on Non-Owner properties. Gift funds allowed.
Available: Nationwide.
Fees: 1.5 points in a Holding Escrow*.

Private Money to 80% LTV

3) Private Money - Private Party Loans for Owner and Non-Owner Occupied properties.
Commercial and Residential Loans for purchase or refinance up to 80% LTV.
Terms: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 year loans amortized for 30 or 40 years.
Rates from 7.99% and 2 points.
NO minimum FICO score required.
Choose a pre-pay period.
10 day close of escrow in CA.
Investor Loans, REO financing, Interest only available.
Any amount of properties allowed.
Interest reserve options.
Unlimited cash out.
In Bankruptcy or Foreclosure rescue OK.
No title seasoning required.
Available: Nationwide.
Fees: 2 points in the transaction.

No Income Verified - Home Equity Line of Credit or New 1st Mortgage

4) Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) No Income Verified-Verified Assets (NIVA)
Owner-Occupied, Non-Owner Occupied and Second Homes, SFR's, 2-4's and Condos.
Over 700 FICO needed, first 6 months starting at 4.29%.
Loan amounts from $150,000 - $1,000,000.
Up to 70% LTV to $1,000,000 loans outstanding (including new HELOC)
Starting at .5 floating over WSJ Prime in 1st position.
1.5 floating over WSJ Prime in 2nd position or paying off liens.
Lower your rate by up to .50%**
10 year draw period, 20 year amortization.
Must provide proof of at least 6 months of PITIA reserves with a CPA Letter.
No CPA Letter needed with 18+ months reserves.
Available in all Counties of: CA, MA, MD, WA, IL,TX, NV, NJ and NY.
Fees: 2.5 points + $995 processing at the Close of Escrow.*

5) Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Stated Income-Verified Assets (SIVA)
Owner-Occupied, Non-Owner Occupied and Second Homes, SFR's, 2-4's and Condos.
NO minimum FICO needed. BK and Lates OK after 1 year.
Loan amounts from $150,000 - $5,500,000.
Up to 60% LTV to $1,000,000 loans outstanding (including new HELOC)
Up to 50% LTV to $5,500,000.
1 floating over WSJ Prime in 1st position.
2 floating over WSJ Prime in 2nd position or paying off liens.
10 year draw period, 20 year amortization.
3 monthly repayment options available interest only, .5% or 1.5% of outstanding
Must provide proof of at least 16 months of PITIA reserves owning more than one property and with a borrower addressed VOD otherwise, 36 months of PITIA reserves.
Available only in: The NYC boroughs, Las Vegas, CA (most of the Bay Area and Southern CA, San Joaquin and Sacramento Counties), King Co. WA, GA and MA
Fees: 2.5 points + $995 processing in the Close of Escrow in CA. Other States in Holding Escrow*

6) No Income, Verified Asset (NIVA) Loan for Investment and Owner-Occupied Properties.
680 mid FICO, SFR's, 1-4's, Condos and PUD's
Terms: 15 year fixed, 3, 5 or 7/1 ARMs from 4.%.
Purchase: 70% LTV to 2M, up to 100% of the down can be gifted
Refinance: 65% LTV to 2M
Cash out: 60% to 1M, 50% LTV to 5M.
Reserves as low as 6 months. No CPA Letter needed with 18+ months reserves.
New on the Job or Business OK.
Employer and income to be left blank on application with 18+ months reserves.
Less than 30 days to close.
No maximum number of properties financed or owned.
No maximum acreage on non-agricultural properties.
Foreign national ok, no Social Security or US status needed
Available: CA, NV, WA, TX, GA, IL, MA, MD, NJ and NY.
Fees: 2.5 points + $845 processing at the Close of Escrow.

Requirements and Documentation:
Complete the Loan Application, leaving the income section blank, initial, sign, date and return. Provide copies of the Bank Statements (Last 2 for HELOC), Mortgage Coupon, Insurance Declaration page, Driver's Licence, Social Security Card, Note, Mortgage or Deed of Trust and Purchase Agreement, if purchase. We will provide a Loan Consultancy Agreement and Escrow Instructions, to be fully executed and returned. Please scan, label in order, example (4/19, 5/19, ect.) and upload all documents to a Dropbox file or email me for access to our end-to-end encrypted secure email.

HELOCs: Last 2 months Bank/Asset statements showing at least 6 months of PITIA reserves with a CPA Letter. No bankruptcies, mortgage lates, foreclosures, short sales, deed-in-lieu or loan mods on credit history allowed (1 year BK and late payment seasoning needed for the SIVA HELOC). **Borrowers who open a deposit account with the Bank (FDIC insured), enroll in auto-pay for the mortgage payment and take an initial draw of at least 50K can reduce their rate by .5% for the life of the loan. FICOs above 700 can qualify for a 4.29% start rate for the first 6 months.

1 Year Taxes: Last 2 months Bank or Asset statements showing 6 months of mortgage payment reserves. Credit will be pulled and must be derogatory free last 24 Months. No bankruptcies, short sales, deed-in-lieu or loan mods on credit history in the past 5 years allowed, foreclosures (7 years).

Lender Fees: Fees vary by institution, all loans have separate non-refundable cost of appraisal and credit report, +/-($600).

*Holding Escrows: Occasionally, a Holding Escrow Account will established in the borrowers' name with an Independent Licenced Escrow Company and funded beforehand, the account is fully refundable in the event of no close of escrow or cancellation. Cash-out refinance transactions generally do not require funding of the escrow account. HELOC fees can in most cases be paid at the close of escrow.

The information furnished here is preliminary. This is not an offer nor a commitment to lend and shall not be construed as such. Rates, terms, loan products and loan conditions may be changed without notice, example is as of 7/20/2020 on a California refinance loan amount of $250,000 with a 720+ FICO and 60% LTV, 4.25.00%/4.325% APR. All private money loans offered in accordance and compliance with CalBRE or applicable regulatory agency. Stated loans are provided to, and conform with applicable state laws regarding commercial lending transactions expressly for business purposes. All loan transactions are subject to the submission of a formal application, appraisal, underwriting, and final written lender/investor(s) approval. Loan approval terms may vary by asset type and borrower credit worthiness. Insurance acceptable to the lender on subject property is required to be maintained on the subject property for the duration of the loan.


Bob Thompson
Chief Executive Officer
RT Capital Advisors, Inc.


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Testimonials for Bob Thompson 562.344.5626 Alternative Documentation

  • Maricela P.

    Fantastic Job! Way beyond what you can expect from any other lender! Bob is the best, always there! He always closes the deal! Anytime you need him he is on the phone ready to help!

  • Norman T.

    "I would recommend anyone looking to invest in Commercial Real Estate to work with Bob Thompson at RMF Lending, Inc..”

  • Darren M. - Rathdrum, Idaho

    "Bob used his creativity to make it possible for me to obtain a mortgage loan by teaming together his creditable knowledge in the mortgage industry with my favorable credit history so that I was able to purchase my dream home on wooded property in North Idaho. Although the future of transferring my employment from California to Idaho was uncertain at the time, which made the prospect of obtaining a substantial mortgage loan somewhat problematic, Bob had the resourcefulness and determination to make it work. I am certain that it would not have happened without his dedication to his customers. Ten years later I am happy to report that our property and home have never looked better and we are currently in the process of building a large pole building type shop along with many concrete and asphalt upgrades.
    I would recommend Bob to anyone looking to obtain a mortgage loan. Also, I must add that the fact he was able to accommodate my loan needs in a different state was equally impressive. Thanks Bob!"

  • Randal Morales

    Bob has been a lender who has given work to my firm for the last 6 years. His association with us has been a good fit for both parties. I find him personable and professional. He has followed his words through with the action needed to get client to the finish line. I don't know if he told me he was Branch Manager and I'm surprised as he was to me just another hard working individual trying to make his way in his chosen profession.

    Randal Morales
    Central California Appraisal Service
    Oakhurst, California

  • Vernon B. - San Jose, California

    Bob was my mortgage broker for the purchase of my home. His in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and mortgage business was invaluable throughout the process. His work ethic is matched only by his self-confidence and competence. From the moment I decided to buy a home, I found a property and closed within 1 month!

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