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James Locklear
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 Virtual Services:  To provide solution-oriented interactions with real estate professionals.The past is not prologue - unless we're stuck in the 11% NOT using the web for business expansion.  My background in marketing and real estate is part of who I am but not what I am.  History doesn't dictate the future, but the future can be built on it.  Virtual Services is the culmination of choice: To provide Virtual Services for each Client that allows you to know we are here when needed. Your online ranking is paramount; your online reputation architecture gets you business.  You can call, text or email me 7 days.   Try my personal Social Media Training.

Discovery drives decisions more than the status quo.  Experience doesn't restrict solution-generating, it provides an ocean of resources rather than a pool of experience.  Virtual Services allows my clients to draw on the ocean they don't see, the team we pride ourselves on.  I once prided myself on education until  discovering being educated isn't the same as being smart. My team members are the people that make Virtual Services tangible and immediate.

My Virtual Services group develops a synergy that benefits every Client interacting with us.   

The Northwest is my home, a choice of the four corners of the world.  I am here for my family, friends and you. Res Ipsa Loquitar as Social Media Training and Online Marketing will take you to the next level.  Virtual Services accomodates your virtual marketing needs, developing and maintaining your online reputation and presence.



Virtual Services:  When we begin any journey we usually have a destination and means to get there.  The internet requires an exceptional guide. To be a passenger doesn't require transportation certification.  But we know where we are starting and know where we want to arrive.  The means to get there is our choice from many alternatives.  With technology it often means learning the right questions to ask so we can recognize the most viable alternative.  With virtual services you have your own personal pilot, driver, professor or Sherpa, depending on the category you are exploring.  I help you derive the questions and determine the solutions so you will get to your destination - becoming the most successful professional you are capable of.  Our Social Media Training and Online Marketing is streaming, in realtime AND available by appointment.  Virtual Services are 24/7.


Virtual Services provide the best Social Media Support, Online Marketing for Real Estate Professionals. Virtual Services for Web Visibility. Online Reputation Architecture Specialist. Be #1 now!