Nassir Khan, Content Strategy for Real Estate Professionals (5group Digital Services)

Santa Clara

Santa Clara , CA 95050

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Get to know Nassir Khan

   I have worked in the Technology, Marketing and Real Estate spaces for about a decade. I wanted to create a service that would help Realtors leverage latest techniques in Funnel Marketing, thus I created


I currently provide one service; a monthly, hyper-localized infographic-style newsletter that is branded and personalized according to an individual realtors needs. The newsletter can be applied to any one of these: Lead Acquisition, Lead Nurturing, Conversion, Engagement/Retention etc


When researching the design for the newsletter, we discussed with over 50 local realtors to figure out their potential pain points, needs and features that might captivate audiences. We then ran a beta test across a few zip-codes, and the results were phenomenal; conversion rates increased by 25% over traditional newsletter designs!


In the future, we will introduce more services such as marketing and email automation, design services and marketing channel management (social media, blogs etc)


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