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Family owned and operated Residential Mortgage company offering personalized service for all your mortgage needs. Reverse Mortgages, Refinance, 203 K Streamline, Purchase, FHA loans

Get to know Amy Catling, CSA

As a Certified Senior Advisor Amy has completed a rigorous course of instruction in the concerns facing seniors.  This course is taught by a nationally recognized panel of experts in social work, law, medicine, gerontology, geriatrics and financial planning.  Upon completion of the course, she passed a comprehensive exam to demonstrate her knowledge of the issues and her commitment tomeeting the needs of her senior clients.  Amy also adheres to the strong code of professional responsibility as a current member of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

Member of York County Elder Abuse Task Force, York Rotary, SALT and National Aging in Place Council.

She has spent the last 6 years educating seniors 62 and older about reverse mortgages.   She has done this through adult education seminars and writing monthly articles for various senior publications.

Dont underestimate the power of a Reverse Mortgage a financial tool to help you maintain your independence during your retirement years.


Reverse Mortages are a way that seniors, 62 and older can tap into the equity they have built up over the years in their primary residence without having to sell or give up title, they continue to own the home.  There are no monthly mortgage payments and the funds received are tax free.  It can be set up as a line of credit, lump sum payment or a monthly draw. 

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