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www.AdvancedREOStrategies.com provides you a direct list of Asset Managers that control the Real-Estate inventory of our largest financial institutions in the world...

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REO stands for "Real Estate Owned". Therefore an REO property is a property that is in posession of either a bank or lender as of a result of foreclosure due to lack of payment, or forfeiture by the owner. The level of foreclosures\repossessions at the present time is unprecedented in the history of the United States! The combination of buyers over extending themselves along with lenders approving mortgages that should never have been pushed through has created a "perfect storm" that has devastated the housing market.

Now the banks have HUGE stockpiles of property in place of the precious dollars that they haphazardly loaned out, and this is causing a wave of panic that is being felt on wall street and main street alike! The banks aren't in the business of selling homes, and that is why they need YOU , the Real Estate Agent, now more than ever! Banks across the nation are desperately searching for agents to list and sell these properties at below market value in order to recuperate some minimal return on their initial loans. This literally opens the floodgates for Real Estate Agents everywhere drastically increase their listing portfolios and make huge amounts of money!

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So What's The Next Step? Now that you understand what exactly an REO is, and why listing them for the banks can be so profitable, all that is left is the how. That is where Advanced REO Strategies comes in! We understand that we aren't the only game in town, which is why we have gone to great lengths in order to collate all the necessary information you will need in order to start listing REO properties for the bank; and streamlined into an easy to follow blueprint for success! While other packages are all flash and no substance, Advanced REO Strategies breaks it down to brass tacks in order to get you on the road to listing REO properties quickly in order to take FULL advantage of the current market condtions. Still on the fence? Just take a minute then and ask yourself these questions..... Why am I struggling for a small share of public listings for minimal commmission? Why am I dealing with demanding home owners, instead of an institution that just wants the home sold? How can I literally triple my listing portfolio in a matter of weeks, with asking prices well below market value? Small ONE TIME Only Fee...



































Advanced REO Strategies.com provides you a direct list of Asset Managers that control the Real-Estate inventory of our largest financial institutions in the world...

From Citi Mtg, Wells Fargo, Countrywide, Chase, Goldman Sacs, Etc . You will get direct access to them. It is simple social networking however you are business networking . Right now these companies do not know anything about you or your Real Estate experience. Advanced REO Strategies.com provides you with direct access to them…for a 1 time fee of $69.00- A very small price to pay for an opportunity of a lifetime! Don’t you want to list and sell the bank owned inventory of these Banks!!

The Package - $69.00 ONE TIME FEE

Direct links to many asset managers throughout the United States-giving you the exposure you need to increase your real estate inventory for marketing.

Addresses, phone numbers’s and fax numbers also provided Simplified templates to strategically market yourself into these organizations A Step by Step overlay on the exact information to provide to these organizations Remember: A listing from the Bank is like Money in the Bank!!!

Banks are not in the business to sit on their inventory and will strategically reduce their units value until sold.. Can your typical seller do this? Most cannot because they have pulled all of their equity out and cannot keep up with increased market depreciation of home values - Banks Can reduce their units market price until they sell! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Why WOULDN'T You Want These Bank Listings??

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