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Get to Know Mike McCann Nebraska Land Broker


Hi, my name is Mike McCann. I am a longtime Nebraska Land Broker and Commercial Broker! I am the Broker/Owner of Mach1 Realty...a Powerhouse of agents in Nebraska.

My agents and myself help people, businesses, and investors Sell, Buy, Auction, and Manage Farm Land Real Estate; Commercial Real Estate, Multi-Family and Residential Real Estate throughout Nebraska... Farm Land, Ranch Land, Water Rights, 1031 Exchanges. I have been doing it for over 30 years! I would like to earn your business. Here are a few things you should know about me.

* I am a Professional Real Estate Broker, Auctioneer, Farm Manager, Consultant, and Adviser. I have helped hundreds of buyers, sellers, and owners accomplish their goals! I am the owner of my company and have full authority to make all final decisions. I am experienced in 1031 Exchanges. I work hard to get the job done! Many of my clients have used me 4 or more times over the past 30+ years!

*I have been the Listing Broker on some of the largest Multi-Family and Apartment sales in Central Nebraska over the past 5 years. 

* I am experienced in Estate Sales: Selling your  Family Farm is never easy…Let me help you and yours...or those you know... Sell in a way that is respectful to the history of the Land and to those who left their blood, sweat, and tears in the soil.

* I Manage farms for the owners. I work very hard to insure that the Owners and Tenants I work with are happy and satisfied.  I also am a Notary Public and perform that duty at no charge.

* I sell Tillable Farms, Raw Land, Ranches, and Water Rights in many different ways...some are quiet (or private) sales where there is no advertising, some are more traditional by utilizing your typical Listing or by live Auction throughout Nebraska. If you, your family, friends, associates, or your clients, have a property to Sell or Buy & you do not cover that area, please call me or text me. I will sell or help buyers buy any size farm property.

* I will do Farm or Land Auctions statewide.  I can also refer you to a Professional Broker or Auctioneer in your area who meets my strict guidelines for experience, ability, and success. I concentrate on Real Estate and refer equipment elsewhere.

* I have won or received multiple awards but what I am most proud of are the hundreds of happy clients I now call friends and friends I also call clients.

DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS GETTING READY TO SELL: Farms, Land, Commercial or Investment Property, or Water Rights?  Contact Me!!

Farmland For Sale in Nebraska is a hot not miss out by being uninformed.  I can represent you as a Buyers Agent if you want to buy farm ground that I do not have listed.

*I have been licensed to sell real estate since 1992 and was involved with real estate sales for many years prior to that. From that first Farm I sold in 1993 to the current one that closes soon...I know farm land...especially Nebraska Farm Land that is For Sale!

*Contact me and/or visit my website for more information.

*May I help you sell or buy Nebraska Farm Land, Multi-Family and Apartment Complexes or Commercial Property?

Call or text me and let's talk.  Talking and texting on the phone is FREE!

Of course references are available!!

If I don't sell don't pay me a dime!!

Your time is valuable...don't waste your or text me for fair and honest answers.

And finally...yes I have agents who work for me in 4 different regions of the state.  We really do have you covered!   Thank you, Mike





Because I get the job done right in an ethical, moral, and non-confrontational manner. The main reason you should refer your Trusts, Ag, Farm, Ranch, Farm Management & Water Rights clients, family, and friends to me, or use me yourself, is because I am one of the best at having satisfied clients in the industry.

I really do know the real estate & water markets throughout the Midwest. There are many factors that go into buying or selling  Ag, Farm, and Ranch land which are different than the commercial or residential markets. I research and understand all of these.  I track markets on a local, state, regional and national level. I have updated access to almost all data regarding properties or I know where to find it. If Nebraska Farmland For Sale in Nebraska is what you are looking me!

If you want someone who is knowledgeable, available evenings and weekends, and most importantly, someone who will be honest and fair with you, simply contact me. 

Please call, text, or e-mail me now! 308-627-3700 rings into my cell  so does 800-241-3940 or e-mail me at   I would like to be of service to you!




Repeat Business is my awards.  I have helped a specific client family grow their portfolio from a $17,000 rental to purchasing and owning a $5,700,000 Apartment complex and a $2,200,000 condo complex in the past 5 years. 


Negotiations in regards to Trusts, Auctions, Private Treaty Sales, Farm Management, Farm Land Sales, Water Rights, 1031 Exchanges, Property Assessments, Leases, Tenant Communication, Multi-Family, and so much more.

Mike McCann
Hi...Mike here. If you are serious about using my services and want references, I would be happy to provide them. I have many, many, folks and businesses who have loved my service. I do not have their information listed here. Why? Because only a fool would list a bad reference and quite frankly, I believe that you are smart enough to realize that most comments and references are from transactions that are different than what you will be doing. Just call, text, or email and if, after we meet face to face, you would like to interview my references...I will give you their info if they so approve...otherwise I prefer not to interrupt their days. I am sure you can appreciate that.

I am Mike McCann. I help Growers, Families, Estates, and Investors Sell, Buy, Auction, and Manage Nebraska Farms and Income producing properties. For over 30 years! May I help you?