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I have 10 years of industry experience, including activities not requiring a license; my apprenticeship stage. I earned my Mortgage Broker license after obtaining my Trainee Appraiser License and working predominantly in the Miami-Dade/ Broward/ Palm Beach County markets. I am committed not only to broadening the scope of what I consider to be essential acquisition of information/ education, but also to diversifying the factors allowing me to justify describing myself as a professional and better serving clients.

I recently transitioned from working full-time in an upscale hotel in South Beach, to getting more involved in doing my part to making affordable housing a reality for more clients. A couple of years back, I shifted my degree program focus from English, after realizing I had an affinity for finance and economics; the latter of which was what I earned an Associate of Arts degree in.

I am furthering my studies this spring, in order to add a Bachelor of Arts in Inrerational Relations/Minor in Marketing to my arsenal.  I am a member of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, and the National Association of Realtors (R). I speak Spanish, French, and I am actively working improving on my culinary techniques related to France and Spain.

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     As a Mortgage Broker, Appraiser, and Realtor(R), I specialize in productive financing; financing with mid to long-range goals in mind.  I am not too busy to personally take care of clients from initial inquiry to closing, and ensure their complete satisfaction. From construction financing, first - time home buyers, to our aged population needing to reallocate their assets in a changing economy; I - along with Amerisave - can and will get you the results you want and the loan to fit what you need. To this end, I have successfully made the transition to include commercial real estate investments in my repertoire as well, in order to be able to tailor a real estate investment portfolio that is more likely to successfully compliment the changing economic climate. 

Setting myself apart from the rest of the pack, are my product knowledge, a genuine desire to help others with one of the most important investments in their future they will ever make; and my committment to educating myself and my colleagues, to make sure all three factors come together in support of the goal of complete client satisfaction and overall financial health. Low stress business practices are a plus in our line of work, and account for a major portion of maintaining our collective livelihood. Whatever the challenges are, with time and dedication, I am fully confident that I and my partners/associates will find the solution that is right for your individual circumstances - competent and comprehensive service is, after all, at the heart of our business. 

Does your client not want a foreclosure on their credit, or just want to avoid paying too much interest over the life of their loan? Ask me about our loan modificatio, credit restoration and mortgage acceleration programs, too.  I have an extensive network of Appraisal, Mortgage, Real Estate and Real Estate Investment colleagues, all of whom I will be happy to place at your disposal in order to get the job done both reasonably quickly, ethically and - above all - competently.

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