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We are a Full Service Mortgage Broker that provides excellent & friendly customer service. We offer unlimited mortgage products to fit your financial needs. Call us for a FREE NO COST Consultation.

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We are a Full Service Mortgage Broker that provides excellent and friendly customer service. We offer a wide range of unlimited mortgage products to fit your financial needs. Aloha Loan Network, LLC doesn't just originate your loans but guide you and advise you through the mortgage process, to avoid any stress and frustration that comes along with mortgage transactions. We keep you informed along the way and help reassure you that you are taken care of every step of the way. Your service comes with "A Touch of Aloha" That's the ALOHA in Loan Network, LLC.

Here at Aloha Loan Network, LLC our focus is on getting you the right loan and the right terms to fit your situation. A mortgage is a big commitment and you need an experienced and positive professional guiding you through the process, answering your questions so that you'll know with confidence that you made the right choice. What does our commitment to personal service mean to you? It means that we focus on you and your financial goals. Anyone can line up a great looking rate for you but we take the time to show you all the other "baits and switches" that can overshadow any teaser rate.Not sure if you can afford your dream house? We have many flexible loan programs that can put you into your new home easier than you might expect. Is the down payment a problem? Some of our programs not only don't require a down payment, but cover some of your closing costs as well. It all depends on your credibility.Have questions about your credit? I can help you understand the effects of your past credit while showing you how to strengthen your present and future. Our network of mortgage wholesalers enables us to find you a lender who is most understanding of your situation. Have great credit? Our lenders reward your good credit with great rates. We also offer Rapid Re-Scoring.Most any situation. Whether you are looking for a new mortgage, wanting to refinance or just interested in utilizing your current home equity, I can help you. Call me at 808-203-6313 to schedule a FREE Mortgage Consultation at NO COST or NO OBLIGATION to you.  I look forward to assisting you in the near future. Now go out and "Make it A Great Day"!



Purchase or RefinanceFirst Time Home BuyersEasy Pre-QualificationCredit ReviewRapid Re-Score AvailableNo Down Payment ProgramsLow Rates AvailableReverse MortgagesDebt ConsolidationCommercial LoansSelf-Employed OKNO CREDIT BAD CREDIT OKBankruptcy or Pre-Foreclosure OKFull Doc or Stated or IncomeHome Equity Line of CreditCommercial & Construction LoansFHA/VA/Hawaiian Homestead LoansVarious ARM programs AvailableFixed Rates-10,15,20,30,40, & 50 yrs NO COST NO OBLIGATIONFREE Mortgage ConsultationCredit Review/Credit Savvy ProgramRapid Re-Score AvailableAvailable Anytime at Your ConvenienceOne of the most frustrating situations has to be chasing down information on your client's financing. When you are ready to work with a Mortgage Professional who believes communicating loan status should be automatic, give me a call. My job is to make your job easier.One time. Every time. Answers to your client's financing questions. Rates. Program comparison. Pre-approvals. Full-approvals. Status updates. Closing statements. And actual closings...On time. It's MY commitment to you. How? Let me worry about that...because you shouldn't have to.When you refer a client to an Experienced Senior Mortgage Advisor for guidance, you should be able to breathe a sigh of relief. You should know, beyond a doubt, your client will be given the best possible advise, the widest range of products and the most extraordinary service imaginable.  That's where MY assistance is "Touched With Aloha". If you are ready to work with a truly dependable mortgage professional, give me a call. You can reach me ROSEY EDEN at 808-203-6313 or by email at Or visit us on the web at
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