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Atlantic Coast Title Group is a full service title insurance and settlement service provider serving customers throughout the State of Florida.

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Welcome to Atlantic Coast Title Group 

Atlantic Coast Title Group is a full service title insurance and settlement service provider serving customers throughout the State of Florida.

We are a technology driven company with new and efficient ways to make your title insurance and settlement related transactions as seamless as possible. Using our state of the art technology we are able to quickly and accurately produce title commitments and close your transactions in even the most demanding and time constrained situations.

With over 45 years of experience we are proud of our detailed oriented, customer driven approach. As a result of our proactive approach we have survived through, and been successful in, a variety of real estate markets. You can use us with confidence, knowing that your title insurance and settlement related services are being performed by a company with proven staying power.

Our goal is to "Exceed The Expectation Of Excellence, One Client At A Time!"

We look forward to working with you!

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We offer the following products and services: 

Power of Attorney.  If you are unable to attend a closing, you may need to have a power of attorney.  This type of document allows you to appoint someone other than yourself to sign specific documents for the closing.  As a buyer, your lender must first approve of the use of a power of attorney.  Not all lenders are willing to have a borrower give a power of attorney to a third party.   

1031 Exchanges.  This is a specific transaction for commercial property only.  In this type of transaction, an investor can sell a commercial piece of property and have the proceeds held in a special account.  Once the investor finds a similar property of equal or greater value, they can use the money in the account to purchase the property.  The purpose of this is to minimize the taxes due to the IRS.  This is a much more complicated transaction and if you are interested in such a transaction, the services of an attorney are highly recommended. 

Refinance transactions.  A lot of homeowners like the idea of using the equity in their home to pay off high interest credit cards and other smaller debts.  Refinancing your mortgage to eliminate higher interest debts is a highly useful tool. 

Tax Search.  In order to transfer title of real property from one owner to another, the title must be "free and clear" of all encumbrances (liens).  Performing a tax search is a vital step in determining if there are any past due taxes due from the seller.   An example would be real property taxes and personal income taxes.

Owners and Lenders Title Insurance Policies.  The main purpose of title insurance is to guaranty that there are no liens on the subject property from prior owners.  It is a requirement of a buyer's lender to obtain title insurance.  The new lender must have the proper insurance (title insurance) in place so that in the event the title company makes an error and does not find an outstanding lien, the title policy will cover the lien.  

After Hours Closings.  Customer service is our main focus.  We realize that not everyone can take time off from work to attend a closing, either for a refinance or the sale or purchase of a home.  Therefore, we can close your transaction after hours, on weekends and on holidays.

Mobile Closings.  We can close your transaction in our office located in Juno Beach or at any other location that is convenient for you, including your home, your office or even your favorite coffee shop.

Mail Away Closings.   If you will be out of the State of Florida on the date your file is supposed to close, we can arrange for a "mail away" closing, where we send all of your documents to you via Federal Express.  You then sign all of your documents in front of a notary public and a few witnesses.  The entire package is then sent back to our office and upon our receipt, the closing then takes place. 

Preparation of Documents.  As the title company, we can prepare the documents necessary to transfer title of the real property from the current owner to the new owner.  In addition, we prepare the Settlement Statement, payoff letters, tax payoffs, and lien payoffs, to mention a few. 

Escrow Services.  Sometimes, the seller of real property is not able to complete repairs to the subject property before the closing date.  In these rare instances, the title company can withhold an agreed upon sum of the sellers proceeds in "escrow" after the closing until such time as the seller completes the repairs.

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