Ana Trueman (Avatara Finance Group)

444 Magnolia Avenue, Suite 102

160 Oak Springs Drive

Larkspur , CA 94960

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I'm in house lender for Marin Realty Group in Larkspur CA. I also work with realtors from other brokerages.

Get to know Ana Trueman

I'm in-house lender for Marin Realty Group in downtown Larkspur, CA. My company is Avatara Finance Group and I'm part of a huge brokerage network (250+ lenders) with a lot of preferred lender relationships that give me discounted rates for my clients. When realtors and clients work with me they are happily surprised to find that I stay in contact with both my clients and realtors every step of the way. People find me easy to reach and responsive so this reduces stress for everyone. I also use my cell phone as my business line so that I can be reached on evenings and weekends, so I can pre-qualify a client quickly by phone when needed. I am the only person the clients deals with to get their loan, because I underwrite and process my own files. This reduces confusion and errors, so my loans always close quickly and cleanly. I still attend my signings when possible too!

Avatara is an ancient term. An "avatar" is a spiritual master. "Avatara" is the process of spiritual mastery becoming form on earth... the activity of spiritual mastery. Have you heard the saying, "put your money where your mouth is"? I chose the word, Avatara, for my company name because it reminds me and all who hear it that it is our activity that sets us apart. We have the choice to engage in spiritually pure activity or otherwise. I wanted my company to be pure, and personally I want to master the art of prosperity via the pure utilization of the highest spiritual principles like.... treat others as you'd like them to treat you. The bottom line? Live love.

I do not sell loans or anything else. Instead I focus on serving my client's best interests and protecting them, living love. The essence of my company mission is to serve with the highest amount of respect for each client's unique situation, and to provide not just great loans, but comprehensive plans for financial success. Real estate is an investment, so I educate my clients and craft smart investment strategies for them.





Since I'm a veteran in finance and accounting (25 years+), I'm quite expert at creating workable financial strategies and plans, even for people who may not seem to qualify... and this is one thing my realtor partners love. I've closed many "impossible" deals. Especially when working with FTHB's, the initial "strategy session" that I conduct with the clients and realtor present, is really helpful. We get all the client's expectations set, their pre-qual completed, and then the realtor can start giving them listings and putting together a tour on the spot (based upon the numbers we pre-qualified them with). I even write notes during the session and give copies to all present so that we're literally all "on the same page"!

Residential AND commercial real estate finance... yes I'm the rare bird who does both. Since I've also got years of accounting experience, this comes in handy on complex scenarios and commercial deals. I do loans primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, and especially in Marin County, where my office is. I handle loans up to $50,000,000.

I'm also highly respected by my investor clients because I can make sense of complex investment strategies, and offer advice to maximize cash flow in on investment properties. Even in the current credit crisis I still offer stated income and jumbo loans.




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