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Professional Assurance is the mortgage and real estate industries only independent settlement agent verification service.  Every day lenders wire millions of dollars into the account of people they hardly know, hoping that the loan package is completed, the note signed and returned and the mortgage properly recorded.  In today's fraud plagued market is it prudent to look the other way? Professional Assurance verifies credentials, trust accounts, references and vettes settlement agents, giving an "all clear" to lenders within 24 hours of a closing.  Best of all there is no cost to a lender for the service.  For more information visit our website or call us toll free at 888 424 3728.  Isn't it about time the mortgage and real estate closing ceremony was opened to the light and lenders were given assurances that their interests (and those of their borrower clients) are being protected?

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Law, specializing in mortgage industry and real estate matters; mortgage fraud and loss mitigation services; real estate settlement closings and settlement agent verification services; mortgage industry consulting on licensing, regulatory, consumer disputes, and internal quality control issues.

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