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I am a realtor who ingages in the sale and purchase of Homes In Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I became a full service realtor after spending much time in local offices doing work as an accounting clerk and admisistrative assistant.  I have worked for schools and banks and also served as store manager for a local discount chain.  I am a graduate of St. Mary High School in my hometown and I am an undergraduate of Hesser College where I studied Accounting and Taxes. At Northern Essex Community College, I took courses in English and Phsycology. I not only love to read but, I also dabble in a little writing. I entered real estate because it gave me the chance to be out and about and to also feel the pulse of the public.  I was given the privilege of being the mother of four sons and a few grandchildren.

I have many interests which include, Music, Cooking, Crafts, Gardening Sewing and Interior Decorating.  I also love to swim and when I can manage it I get in a little dancing.  My love of the four seasons is what keeps me here in New England.  I await each season with anticipation and enjoy the beauty of each one.  My favorite is the fall.  Here in New England the landscape becomes magical and bursts with the hottest colors.  Years ago, when we could burn falling leaves, the smell of smoke would hang in the air and it permeated the neighborhoods.  I'd find myself drifting into pleasant daydreams which would suddenly be broken with my mother calling out to me. 

Developing a good relationship with a realtor is most important if you are to be comfortable in going through all the proceedures that it takes to complete the sale or purchase of a home.  I respect this profession to the point where I keep my knowledge as sharp as possible by attending any and every seminar that places me in a position to give my very best to the clients I have the privilege to serve. My website is Ann Gravel-Realtor. This is new and will be showing listings in the near future as well as an updated photo.  Hope to hear from you.





Massachusetts and New Hampshire Real Estate services are featured on my website.  Plaistow, NH is  thriving. Many new businesses and restaurants line the main artery and becuase of its lovely homes and well kept landscapes many residents gravitate to the area.  It is still simple in its day to day routines and it has a website that can deliver the information you need.  Kingston, NH is the same as stepping back into time with it's quiet rural setting.  You feel a sort of calm when you ride through the residential areas and the farms.  If you nead a peacfull setting, its the place to be.  What ever the client or customer's needs I will allways rise to the occasion.  I can be reached at our office in Plaistow, 603-382-4545.  All information is on my website



Real Estate in Southern NH and Massachusetts Ann: