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Arden Termite And Pest Control is a small termite company. We take care of our customers in a way that bigger companies are not able to.

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Are you tired of waiting for your reports to be ready? You can order the inspections you need by e-mail or by calling in your order. Our reports normally go out the next business day. Would you like to find a reliable termite company with honest, fair inspectors? Were you aware that most termite companies pay their inspectors a commission on everything they sell to your clients? Our inspectors do not receive commission -- they are paid a salary to perform accurate inspections. * We are proud to have many of the leading Realtors and mortgage companies in the greater Sacramento area as our clients. * We offer the fastest and most readable termite inspections in the area. * We automatically send copies of reports to your escrow officer. * We know what it takes to close your escrow! * We have a repair crew available for your convenience. Please give us a call to order your next inspection!!! (916) 338-4700 You can arrange to have one of our licensed, trained, professional inspectors come to your office to discuss termite inspections with you and your colleagues. Our inspector can explain about: how to make the process of scheduling the appointment, explaining the inspection and any findings to your clients and how to prepare for your inspection before the inspector gets to the property. Have all of the answers before your clients even ask you the questions!!!! Proud members of: Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org

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We specialize in termites! Our inspectors do not make any type of commission. They are paid a flat salary to perform accurate inspections.

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