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Betsy N. Robinson - Serving the Sandhills, NC, CNS (Everything Pines Partners, LLC.) Real Estate Broker/Owner



Betsy N. Robinson - Serving the Sandhills, NC
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I recognize that you have a choice when it comes to working with a real estate professional.   I have prepared the following to give you a thumbnail sketch of who I am, my life's experience, and how I approach the Brokerage business.  I look forward to earning your trust and helping you to exceed your real estate objectives.

Early in my career after graduating from Wellesley College with a BA in Economics, I was involved with the design and construction of The World Trade Center in New York City.  That experience taught me to think big, creatively, and with passion and determination.      

                           WORLD TRADE CENTER              



Later, I founded and managed my own commercial construction firm in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area.  My willingness to approach my work as if I were the client earned me the 1990 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Construction in the Philadelphia area as well as the 1991 National Business Owner of the Year award from the National Association of Women Business Owners.


I then provided construction management services to the City of Philadelphia on its construction of a 14 story Criminal Justice Center and 200 bed prison.  This experience honed my negotiating and project management skills, political acumen, and tenacity to get results despite challenging odds. 



For the past few years, I have been involved in all aspects of the Residential Real Estate market in the Pinehurst area of Moore County, NC.  In early 2009, I, with another licensed Real Estate Broker, opened our own Real Estate Company in recognition that a small "hands-on/highly-personal attention" approach better positions us to serve our clients in today's marketplace.  Then in early 2017 we merged with another independent agency to form Everything Pines Partners, LLC.  Experience has already shown that this decision was the correct one as it has only enhanced my ability to implement the following consistent approach as to how I handle my real estate activities:

I have been trained as a traditional full service Real Estate Broker.  I have worked with both Sellers and Buyers, and am proud of the fact that every home I have listed has sold and every buyer with whom I have worked has purchased a home through me if they have bought one.  I work very hard for my clients, and give far more than expected.  I know how important every piece of property is to its owner, and I direct my efforts toward it as if it were my own.       I enjoy working with Buyers and Sellers who choose to be actively involved in their own real estate transactions.  The Internet has changed how most business is conducted today, and Real Estate is no exception.  However, unless one is a trained specialist, I find that in every field there is a body of knowledge for which it is critical to obtain professional advice or assistance.  I am structured to provide only those Realtor services you need, and I willingly encourage you to undertake for yourself those tasks for which you have the time and the talent. In my view every transaction is unique and requires singular focus and attention.  Yes, there are common threads to Real Estate, but the challenge is to identify what makes each property and each participant in the sales process distinct.  Matching needs, wants, options, and possibilities is what I love to do.  It takes more effort, but the intangible rewards make it well worth it.


Visualizing opportunities and seizing upon them with an entrepreneurial spirit is my forte.   In my experience only a few exceptional opportunities exist at one time on which to maximize a purchase.  I love to seek out these situations and present them to you, the discriminating buyer, with solid facts and information on which you can make the best decision for you.                                                                   Unpleasant surprises at the end of a project can destroy all the good that may have taken place before.  I am a stickler on defining objectives, expectations, costs and anticipated results so that all parties work from the same base line.  While the unexpected can happen, identifying the odds of certain problems occurring, and having recovery options defined if they do, makes for a far more satisfying outcome. My real passion is construction.  Ask me to find you a custom builder, a particular floor plan or a dated gem to renovate and I am in my element!  Although I have excellent working relationships with local contractors, I work only as your advocate, assuring that the communication between you and your builder is clear and definitive in all respects.  Home building is an emotional roller coaster, and having a representative promoting your interests, is often the difference between a wonderful experience and a nightmare. We all recognize that the world has become extremely litigious and contract oriented.  However, I still like to offer my services on a handshake basis, at least until a relationship is formed that assures all parties are committed to each other.  And while North Carolina law requires that certain contracts be executed for the protection of you, the consumer, if at any time you need to cancel your agreement with me your wishes will be honored graciously.


If you think that we could work well together and that I could help you to achieve your goals, please give me a call at (910) 639-0695.  I can usually be reached seven days a week and into the early evening.  If you find that I am not available, just leave me a message and I will get back to you quickly.

I look forward to your call and to making new friends in the process.

Betsy N. Robinson, Broker/Owner
Everything Pines Partners, LLC


Serving clients in the Pinehurst, Whispering Pines, Southern Pines, Aberdeen and Seven Lakes areas of Moore County, North Carolina




Certified Negotiation Specialist (CNS)


2014 Savvy Homes Realtor of the Year


Clients say "Betsy thinks big, creatively, with passion and determination; approaches her work as if she were the client; gets results despite challenging odds; specializes in "win/win" transactions!"