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3535 Grandview Parkway

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Birmingham , AL 35243

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I think our clients should be treated with the upmost respect & not as a transaction. This is a life change for you average person. I understand this. I appreciate all Birmingham, AL referrals!

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I work with Keller Williams Realty in Birmingham, Alabama.  We are an educational based company with great growth happening in the Birmingham market.   

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The best skill I posess in my career is my ability to negociate for my clients.  The last seller I negociated approximately $20,000 in closing fees, and off the list price of the property.  The buyer was very pleased with my ability to get the closing together within a short amount of time, and at the best price available.  My last seller was pleased with my performance.  I negociated them a price that was within 1% of the list price of their home.  I believe it is very important to understand everyones goals within the process, and this is why I will become one of Birmingham's best Realtors. 

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