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Astonish Results is a digital marketing company that provides insurance agencies with a set of digital tools and strategies to help them FIND, SELL, and KEEP more customers profitably.

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We provide our clients with a full system of tools, processes, and training. The system includes the best practices for insurance marketing, insurance websites, insurance SEO, email marketing, insurance leads, social media, sales training, culture change and much more.

Many agencies these days lack the knowledge and understanding to reach their customers through the Internet. With an average of 7 out of 10 customers browsing online before they buy, a company that isn’t on board with a comprehensive digital marketing plan is losing a lot of business.

What’s stopping these companies from creating an Internet and email marketing plan? It requires years of experience based on millions of dollars in research and development. Agents prefer to focus on what they understand, and depend on basic traditional and word-of-mouth advertising. Despite the decreasing returns, agents continue to hope that the market will turn and customers will return to the old way of choosing an insurance provider.

But there is a marketing revolution taking place, and no one will be turning back. That’s why Astonish Results is here to help your company. We’ve created a digital marketing system that’s designed to help independent agents find, sell, and keep more customers profitably. Through advanced technology and marketing expertise, Astonish Results clients can offer their customers a new way to shop, buy, and save on insurance.

At Astonish Results, our motto is, “We refuse to participate in the recession.” If you prefer not to join in the looming recession, contact Astonish Results immediately to schedule a free online demonstration of the future of the insurance industry.

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To act, think, and grow in a way that will improve the profitability and the lives of the insurance agency partners we serve. To provide astonishing results through constant improvement and principle based decision making in the field of insurance marketing and web services. To promote faith, hope and passion for every hardworking individual we come across.